I’m still here!

March 7, 2009

I know that it’s been literally forever since I’ve had the chance to post or even knit. Spring break is coming up soon so I will hopefully have something knitted to show. :) Talk to you then!


Oh, I wish it would snow

December 12, 2008

I know, I know, I know. I haven’t blogged or knitted much lately.

It’s expected to be a huge wind and possibly snow storm coming up in the next couple of days.

I’ll write more soon! I promise!

Busy Busy Busy

October 7, 2008

Hey everyone! How’s it going? I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, let alone knitting. I promise I’ll write more! (Hopefully daily). Life has been very stressful and intriguing this school year.

My classes:

1. Physics.

Oooh, what to say about Physics? Well, it’s a joke that’s for sure. I’m one of 3 juniors in this senior class. And I feel a smidgen smarter than a good chunk of the kids there.

2. Spanish 3.

Gah. Spanish. It’s one of my hardest classes since I have the hardest time trying to figure out what my teacher is saying. The only major rule in the class is that we aren’t allowed to speak English. Not one word.

3. Calculus.

Yay, another senior class. I’m one of two juniors, however. I find it also fairly easy. The good thing is that in Physics we are doing Calculus and in Calculus we seem to be doing Physics. Confusing right?

4. Chemistry.

As easy peasy as macaroni cheasy. I like the fact that we do interesting labs. But do we really have to spend two whole weeks on sig figs? Really? It’s so easy. Maybe that’s because I’ve already learned sigfigs in Physics but nonetheless.

5. English 3 Honors

Two words: Argumentative Paper. The first hurdle in graduation requirements to be met. I’m not really too concerned about writing a simple 5 -7 page paper. Other kids are actually woried about it. It’s really not that hard to write a paper.

6. AP US History

The stupidest class on the face of the earth. I hate that class. Hate. Hate. Hate. The teacher assigns us 6 chapters to read in 4 weeks and then we take a stupid unit test and since I didn’t have the time to finish the reading I failed the test. I failed. Even on the sad 60%=A scale. I still got an F. However this unit, I’m going to kick that unit test’s butt! I’m going to get a freaking 90%! The greatest part is that our teacher doesn’t really teach us. It’s more like, here are the chapters, read it and I won’t talk about the reading or the notes at all. Have fun. Thanks a lot. Whatever, it’s hopefully going to be survivable. I’ve got a plan for success.

This year, unlike other years, I’m joining like eighty-thousand clubs. On Mondays I have environmental club, on Thursdays I have book club, and hopefully I will be accepted into Torch Honor Society. Hopefully.

Knitting… The big question of the day. I’ve knitted a little bit in the last week, but otherwise not at all. Hopefully I will have time (probably during the weekends) to be able to knit more often. I might have some pictures up soon but I can’t make any promises.

That’s going to be it for today. Have a great day and Happy Knitting!

Happy freaking pathetic anniversary.

August 18, 2008

It’s been one year since I’ve become vegetarian. I’m glad that I was able to push through all of the doubts and “yeah rights” that my parents and my sister instilled in me. When I told my sister that I was going to be vegetarian. She told me “I give you a week.”F that.

A year ago crap started to happen within my family. Fing crap that is unimaginable. For the last couple of weeks I thought my life was going on a high, going up versus down into the ditch hole. I guess not. It’s hard when my sister can’t find time to talk only when she does squeeze the few minutes a week she asks me if I should even be working at our church. And my mom can’t even find time away from stressful job that she hates to be a part of my life. And my dad is basically clueless in anything that goes on.

I’m glad, just so freaking glad, that no one, not my friends nor my family, even remembered. Whoopeedeedoo.

(Knitting soon)

My 101 in 1001 Days

July 11, 2008

So I was blog stalking today. And I found this on this blog. And now I am inspired to create my own list of goals for the next 2.75 years.

My start date: July 11, 2008

My end date: April 8, 2011

Knitting and Crafts

1. Sew a garment that actually fits me.

2. Create knitting designs for tops that will fit and look good.

3. Knit a sweater from my own design.

4. Knit and crochet several times a week.

5. Complete and correctly tat a doily.

6. Find a new craft that I haven’t tried and learn it.

7. Be involved in at least 2 swaps.

8. Sell something of mine online (like etsy or something)

9. Knit a bunch of baby things.

10. Knit at least 10 pairs of Latvian Mittens.

Baking, Cooking and Food

11. Bake a homemade crust and filling (cherries from our cherry tree).

12. Make homemade cinnamon rolls.

13. Create a collection or small library of cooking books that have recipes that I’ll actually use.

14. Learn a great recipe for tofu that actually tastes good.

15. Use more recipes and eat more foods with a bunch of vegetables.

16. Try making my own chocolate. (somehow, I don’t really know if it will actually work)

17. Bake a bunch of cupcakes and cookies for a bake sale.

18. Start a food diary and be honest with myself.

Finances and Money

19. Save up $5000 for college.

20. Get a job that I love.

21. Create a budget plan for myself.

22. Get a car. (So I can drive to work and school)

23. (Since I will have a job) Pay for the insurance of the car.

24. Put at least $20-30 away for myself each week for fun stuff.

Exercise and Fitness

25. Work out at least 3-5 days a week.

26. Get my mile time down to 8:00 minutes.

27. Get flat abs and turn my non existant abs into actual abs.

28. Do strength workouts (from Seventeen magazines) and get toned.

29. Buy weighted dumbbells.

30. Play badmitten and tennis regulary.


31. Take a vacation at least once a year.

32. Visit Disneyland.

33. Go to my homeland and see the places where my great-grandfather used to live in Sweden.

34. Visit the major monuments within the United States.

35. Travel to the East Coast. (New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Massechusetts, Rhode Island, and Maine)

36. Travel to Canada (and not get stopped by the border patrol)

37. Buy yarn from every state in the US.

Reading and Writing

38. Write a book about my thyroid cancer.

39. Read at least 25 classics.

40. Write knitting patterns. (whether it’s color charts or design charts for things-hats, scarves, or sweaters)

41. Create a comic/story.

42. Buy and read all of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series.

School and Education

43. Have at least 4 AP classes senior year.

44. Join as many clubs as possible.

45. Complete my CE class in the summer before senior year.

46. Learn French and actually use it.

47. Apply for as many scholarships as possible.

Life in General and Misc. Goals

48. Get my driver’s license.

49. Be on varsity bowling and letter at it.

50. Be one of the four singles players on my highschool varsity team.

51. Become a tennis capitain my senior year.

52. Get my letterman’s jacket this summer (’08)

53. Create and grow a vegetable garden.

54. Use the vegetables from my garden in the food that I eat.

55. Celebrate my vegetarian anniversary every year. (August 18th, 2008, 2009, and 2010).

56. Throw a surprise birthday party for my sister’s 21st birthday.

57. Maintain a clean bedroom.

58. Make a flower necklace.

59. Plant a tree on Earth Day.

60. Get braces off.


Okay, that’s it for now. I’ll think it over and write the other 40 soon. :)

Happy Knitting.

Ahhh, the fresh scent of summer!

June 23, 2008

Finally, it’s the first week of summer and of summer vacation.

I’m knitting a lot more and hopefully I will be able to complete my summer goal of finishing all of my in progress projects. I know, chuckle chuckle.

Well, I’m off to go knit and enjoy the 70 degree weather. :) Happy Knitting.

Update :)

June 14, 2008

Okay, ahhh… finals are basically Monday and Tuesday and then I’M FREE…at least for the summer. :)

AHHH finals

Just a few of my 1000 notecards I bought (on sale) at Staples. Most of them are for my bio final on tuesday. :)

So Friday I was able to bring home my cermamic projects.

Large Funny MaskSmall Funny MaskBumbleBee Coil Pot

The coil pot is my new knitting needle holder.

In addition to this last week, I GOT MY YEARBOOK!!! :)

my yearbook

And within one day:

my yearbookmy yearbook

hehe, most of the free space is filled. :)

Okay now to knitting. In spite of all of the stress and business of upcoming finals and biology, I have actually squeezed in time to knit. And even blog!

So since I’m a knitting nerd science lover, I’m starting to make a DNA model (which includes all four nitrogen bases- adedine, thyomine, ctyonine, and guanine- AND the double helix). I know. It screams nerd.

DNA modelDNA model

Also, today I went on a trip with my parents to a local art festival. I brought this:

AHH my bagtoday's progress

I didn’t make a whole lot of progress but I did pick up needles and knit some stitches so it counts. :) (by the way, if they look huge, they really are. They are for my dad and he wears size 13 shoe)

I also found and bought this:

hedgehog kithedgehog kit

Basically you are given this container of authentic alpaca wool and you twist it together with a needle and you are able to make a needle-felted creature (depending on the kit that you choose). I chose the hedgehog since it was so CUTE. :) I’m going to save it for the summer, so expect to see it in the next three months.

So today was AMAZING. I spent 3 (2 too many) hours at an art festival. I saw everything. Clay mugs, $5000 paintings a third grader could do, color pencil drawings of Seattle landmarks, clothing, peroshkis, akward interpretive dance, yarn, and KNITTERS!! Sure there were only like three, but still! And then when I was reading the Yarn Harlot’s blog (happy birthday by the way) it’s WWKIP day! I missed it. Even though I brought knitting, I didn’t actually knit in public. :( Oh well, maybe next year.

By the end of the day, I couldn’t feel my legs anymore and I was starving. We had to stop by petco and buy our little wild kitties of joy some more wet cat food. We ended up thinking logically this time and we bought (by my suggestion) a case of 24 large cans of salmon and something kitten cat food. And then 3 cans of this other turkey and giblets flavor (so we bought a total of 27 large cans of cat food. It will probably last for the next 27 days. We’ve uped their diet slightly since they are older and play a lot. We are giving them half a can per meal (two wet food meals a day). And we also bought a food bowl that has two bowls (like meshed together) and each of those two bowls get half of the half (so they each get a quarter of a can per meal).

Aren’t they cute??


In other news, I lettered in tennis. :) I was also a scholar athlete. :)

AHHH I lettered!!

Lettermen’s jacket here I come.

And at the end of the day, I’m home.

However I came home to this:

messy roommessy roommessy roommessy roommessy room

Yeah. Looks like I’m going to clean it tonight. :) This just happens to be what my room looks like after a long and stressfull week.

Happy Knitting everyone on this lovely day!

Just FYI

June 3, 2008

Finals week is coming up. I just wanted to let you all (my readers, if there are any…) know that this week and next week are finals prep and finals are June 16-18. See you then! :)

Happy Knitting!

The Weight of the World on my Shoulders

May 29, 2008

I’m not really sure what it is. I feel lost, angry and hurt. I feel as if I am frozen in time.

The issues that have been boiling up inside of me have been seeming to recently been really affecting me. I wish and hope that I would be able to find someone who would be able to understand me but yet I haven’t found that yet and it’s just frustrating that some of my supposed “friends” can’t freaking understand that I’m not that same person that I used to be and yet they think I am.

But at the same time, here is the simplistic things that help me get by:



The story behind this piece of pie is that one of my very best friends, Mary, is having her sixteenth birthday coming up and I decided that I was going to make her knitted and crocheted food (since she is an excellent cook and loves food). :) I’m excited to finish making her stuff and be able to give it to her. :)

Also, in the artistic department, I made this:


Oh yeah, slab pot power! :)

That’s about it for now. Happy Knitting!

The Best Day in the Whole Wide World

May 17, 2008

Want to know what is slightly better than knitting? (I know crazy, right?)

Getting kitties. :)















AHHHH!! They OOZE with cuteness!

Happy Knitting! (in the nice 90 degree sunshine!)