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May 31, 2007

I hate sunburns. It’s not even June yet and I already have a sunburn. It’s amazing to me because all of last summer, I was whiter than a container of vanilla ice cream-okay, not that white…

So I was playing tennis with my friend yesterday for 2.5 HOURS!!! I was so hot, tired, and exhausted when I came home (I also stayed at her house from afterschool-10:30- to 5:00) all I wanted to do was take a shower and go to bed. But my mom thought that I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I took a nap for a half an hour that night. :( I barely made it to bed time. The main reason I couldn’t go to bed early early was that my mom had to still make dinner (which was spagetti and yummy yummy BREADSTICKS!!!!) So after playing tennis and then playing volleyball, I got the back of my neck burned, my arms (and now I have an ugly farmer’s tan), and a tad bit of the back of my knees.

Random: Want to know what’s a really good quick snack? Chocolate chips and peanut butter chips because you can just put some in a bowl and ta da! I mainly only say that because that’s what I’m doing…. :) Yum…

Not much on the knitting train currently. I want to spend today and tomorrow working on my mountain of socks and finish most of them this weekend. I might and might not post progress and maybe I’ll just post the end result Monday or something.

Current WIPs:

Watermelon Socks (56%)

Cream Socks (25%)

Blue and Yellow Striped Socks (10%)

Wild Socks (38%)

(possibly) Pomatomus Socks (zip%)

 I think I might make some baby items because they look cute after looking here. I have a problem people. : ) I’m going to go knit for the extended weekend. : ) Enjoy and leave me comments or something.


Sock Mania!

May 28, 2007

I LOVE KNITTING SOCKS. Especially several at the same time. That’s always fun. : )

Watermelon Socks


Simple Socks

Wild Socks

Those are the main socks that I am working on. Yep. It’s pretty exciting . There are more pictures here. (my flickr)

Oh my goodness, I did so much knitting over the last couple of days but when I look at what I knitted, it doesn’t seem like I knitted much. I also organized my yarn cabinet. Gah, I have so much blue yarn… : ) But I love it.

I’ve some to little progress on the blue cardigan. I am proud to say that this last week I knitted at least 30 rows. And since this coming week I get out at 10:30 (hehee), I will hopefully finish the cardigan and maybe some of the socks. All I know is that I am so glad that it’s 20 school days until school’s out. : ) But if you don’t count this week (allll 10:30 days) then it’s 16 including the last day of school- which is on a Monday people! >: (  But hey, it’s only on a Monday because it snowed so much this year. I love the snow. I think it’s AMAZING. (You can check out my other blog to see what I mean)

That’s about it for a now. I might go play tennis later this afternoon, but I am going to knit more on my socks. : )

Isabeau Progress

May 26, 2007

I decided that the version of Isabeau is not what I originally wanted to make. Instead I think what I will do is knit the rest of the project as is and then make another one that is more of a tote-bag size. Sure you have to buy the real pattern for the tote version, but from looking at some examples of the tote, I think that I will just at two more pattern repeats to the already three and knit the pattern for a total of 50 row 1 and 2 patterns. That should make it longer and a tad wider (more of what I’m looking for). But I’m sure the purse version would make a great birthday/Christmas gift. Too bad Mother’s day was two weeks ago.

Here’s my progress:


And being artistic today, here are my knitted and crocheted foods. (Knitted: banana, two lemons, apple, pear; Crocheted: cheeseburger and -not pictured- an orange)


Here is a pattern from my SnB day calendar. It’s called “Suzie Hug Me Tight” and I am going to make this. No doubt about it. : ) Don’t know when, or with what. Just that I am. Oh yeah, if you can tell, my tennis picture is right next to it. : )

Suzie Hug Me Tight

OOOH!!! Here is some yummy yarn! I haven’t decided what I will knit with it, probably socks since the yarn is a little thinner and I don’t really have enough to make something like a sweater or hat or pretty much anything else. I might make jaywalkers or something. Don’t know yet. All I know is I need to either buy more dpns or finish other projects. I hope to do both. : )


I haven’t done any knitting or crocheting today. I was making yummy yummy cookies. Chocolate chip to be exact. : ) Oh yeah! Double batch baby! I think this long weekend will be devoted to tennis and knitting. Possibly some bowling. YAY. I haven’t bowled in a loooong time and I need to start toning up for the season if I want to make varsity this winter. Which I will! : ) I also need to make sure I keep my tennis skills toned as well so I don’t start alllllllll over again at rock bottom. : )

Isabeau, here I come!

May 25, 2007

Yes, yes, yes… I know  that I can’t even keep a promise to myself… but I had to knit it. I HAD to…

The project is named “Isabeau” and I am knitting a small version of the original. It’s very fun with the easy lace pattern and I am surprised by how fast I can knit it. It amazes me that I can knit something so fast for only an hor straight. I mainly wanted to knit a project that I would be done with relatively soon. Which is nice because, knowing me, I never finishing anything. Hehehe…

copy-of-p8150028.jpg < my Rubiks cube today… solved again. :)

Some updates on the many continuous projects:

Sunshine and Seashells Bag- Well, this is a crochet project that I recently started and hope to have it done by August when my family and I go to Cannon Beach this summer.I am almost done with the bottom, but I still have a loooooooong way to go.


Isabella- Started this afternoon and I still have some to go, but it will hopefully be a short project.


Basic Blue Cardigan- Yes, still working on it… I made some progress this week. I knitted another 30 rows on the right panel. After I finish the panel, I will only have to do the sleeves and sew everything up and I’ll be done.

Simply Marilyn Sweater- HAHA… yeah, like I’ve had time for progress on that baby. Pshh… I am working on the front. I have the back and one sleeve done. And with my luck I’ll probably have to get another ball of yarn-which I hope not.

Basic Ankle Socks w/cool rainbow type yarn- Meh, halfway through the first sock, and then I have to make the other sock in the pair. I really need to buy more dpns in that size.

Watermelon Socks- I am hesitant to make the other sock… I am really worried that I am going to have to buy more yarn for the other sock. Or if I should just invert colors, but I don’t want to make something dumb because I’m too lazy to go and get more yarn to finish the project. Well, when I get more yarn for Simply Marilyn, I’ll get some more of the other stuff since I think they came from the same store.

Knitted Yellow Skirt? – I ponder whether or not I should even finish this. I’m only into it by 5 rows and 448 stitches per row and I just don’t know/think I’ll be able to finish it without going insane. Gah. I also have to print out the pattern again, since I lost the first copy…

Beacon Hill Shawl- I am finishing this project dang it! No matter what! I am almost halfway though the intense aganizing battle with knitting 4 inches with size 2 needles and really thin yarn. But I want to make something pretty and that I’ve never made before.

I’m sure there are more and more projects that I forgot to mention (there must be since I can’t find my 8 US wooden circulars…) For right now, I think my plan is to work on either the crocheted bag, knitted Isabeau, or Beacon Hill Shawl.

I must be kidding myself… : )

May 20, 2007

… but hey, at least I’m interesting.

I yet again I trick myself in believing that I might be able to add another porject to my WIPs… HA… all I can say is that I must be kidding myself. But at least I know that when I am about 3 hours into the project I’ll get bored, put it aside and not touch it for 3 weeks and then after those 3 weeks I will be looking around my room to see what knitting projects I can finish and then I’ll see it. Occasionally I will get excited again and continue to knit it, somtimes I’ll just look at it puzzled thinking “why in the heck did I start to knit this?”, or (which happens most of the time) I will either cast off the project (because the new and more exciting project requires such size needles) or I will rip it out if I’m not that far. I realize that this is a horrible habbit and that as of right now I am doing horrible at trying to keep my New Year’s Resolution (trying to work only one project at a time and not have 10 other side projects). Which this is hard since I am still working on projects from almost two years ago… : )

So just as I was starting to cast on this, I realized that my starting a new project addiction was starting to overload… hehe, I think I will call this situation NPA. Here it is:

N- new

P- project

A- addiction

NPA is when knitters/crocheters get to a point where all they do is start new projects and never finish them, or at least it takes forever and they also have 10 projects going on at the same time.

Yep, so since I am going to try to break this addiction, I will continue work on the Beacon Hill Shawl. Yep, only 2 inches into it and I have about 50 billion more to go. : )

Good luck to all NPAers out there. : )

Baby, I’m Amazed

May 18, 2007

“Baby Im amazed at the way you love me all the time
Maybe Im afraid of the way I love you
Baby Im amazed at the the way you pulled me out of time
Hung me on a line
Maybe Im amazed at the way I really need you

Baby Im a man and maybe Im a lonely man
Whos in the middle of something
That he dosent really understand
Babe Im a man and maybe youre the only woman
Who could ever help me
Baby wont you help to me understand

Baby Im amazed at the way youre with me all the time
Maybe Im afraid of the way I leave you
Baby Im amazed at the way you help me sing my song
You right me when Im wrong
Maybe Im amazed at the way I really need you

I love this song. It speaks to me. I feel like being in an insperationaly mood. Very very happy. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because:

-I solved my Rubix cube again (the second time this week) in under 24 hours (about 16.5 hours).

-Freakin’ Aced my math test (97%, one of the 5 who got A’s)

-Enjoying the weekend-even if it is only Friday

-Glad to know that I’m seeing my best friend in a play tonight-she only happens to be my sister

-Feeling the inspiration to just KNIT

-Get to go and hang out with friends at a BBQ type-thing Sunday

-Knowing that everyone one I love loves me back and that I just enjoy life at this very second.

I’m not sure if I had too much chocolate or something but I am just in a good mood and can’t wait for life. It’s a possiblilty that the fact that I have less than 5 weeks of school (24 days) left. And that next year I’m going to kick butt at all of my sports and totally letter and I’m also excited because I want to do running start and start off in the “real world” when I graduate in 3 years. Sure I won’t be at school, but hey, I’m loving me and my life right now. And I hope this moment of joy lasts forever.

My form of brilliant entertainment

May 18, 2007

I find it very relaxing and exciting playing a rubix cube. It’s so fascinating to think that someone in the 1970’s and 1980’s though of a rotating cube in the form of a puzzle game. And after trying to solve it for almost (well off and on) six years- YES IT’S PATHETIC- and just recently only spending 3 days to solve it again and then currently, my goal is 3 hours (which means that I need to finish my cube by 10:30 pm tonight, in 1 hour and 5 minutes). Soon I hope to memorize my little mini cheat sheet and be able to impress everyone at school by finishing it during lunch or during one class period (about 40 minutes, give or take).

 I also very very mathamatically smart today. In my geometry honors class, we took a test last Friday and got our scores back. In our class, 5 people got A’s, 9 got B’s, 4 got C’s, 4 got D’s and 6 got F’s. And among my group of four, one got 43%, another 63%, and another got 83%. And guess what yours truely got! A 97% A! I am so proud of myself being one of the only 5 A’s. : ) Now that I think about it, math is rediculously easy. I can barely try on the homework and when I take a test and what I not I do great. Maybe it’s because I understand everything that’s going on and I have a weird math connection in my brain. Math has always been easy for me. I don’t get why but I know what I’m doing and I think it’s oddly fun. Especially now that we started the beginings of trigonometry since we are basically done with our geometry book. I always wondered what the “sin”, “cos” and “tan” buttons meant on the calculater and now I get it and I think that it’s like DUH. I’m sure it will get harder, but this is so easy that I feel like laughing. : )

 Back to the Rubix. I still have one last level to solve which hopefully won’t take long. Yeah, my dad doesn’t think I can finish it before the 10:30 mark. I’ll show him. : )

 P.S. Math is amazing and fun, no matter nerdy that sounds. : )

Dandy as a Dandilion : )

May 14, 2007

Not much to say here. I am doing just dandy right now. The summer breeze is in my hair…

I feel very refreshed that I finally finished these for my mom for Mother’s Day. And I am really glad that she loved them. : ) It’s extremly refreshing to know that I actually finished a project and didn’t jsut start another soon to be lost project. : D

I am thinking about trying to finish more projects but at the same time I feel the urge to knit something new. But I think my plan for this week is to work the the Beacon Hill Shawl, which in my opinion (excluding the weird looking model) looks really pretty. : )

Join the KAL here.

Beacon Hill, here I come!

May 12, 2007

Good news! I have finally started a new project!!! : )

copy-of-p8030029.jpg It’s called the Beacon Hill Shawl.

And here are some other projects I am working on:

Fingerless gloves


Here are some “Mother’s Day” fingerless gloves for my mom. : )


And yep, here’s my new solved (as of yesterday) rubix cube. : )


I think my plan for the rest of the day is to clean my room- it needs it VERY badly. Then I might knit if I have time.

At Last…

May 9, 2007

I have found that one project to soothe the urge to knit something. It is something new and something old. I love it. (post pictures tomorrow)