Much Knitting? Gah… toooo much…

Okay, with the recent ending with tennis (SNIFF SNIFF), by the way was yesterday, I have decided that knitting and hanging out with friends (plus keeping in shape) is of the utmost importance. I REALLY wanted to do volleyball this coming fall but I don’t think I’ll be able to since I am at the current age of thinking about driver’s ed and such. And since I am strongly committed to bowling (winter sport) and tennis (spring sport), the only other time that is avaliable is this summer or this fall. I think that it is too late though to do it this summer so I might just have to live with doing it in the fall since (from what I’ve heard) driver’s ed is from 3-5 and that’s the exact times that the sports practices are.

Whatever. And also from what I’ve been realizing, is that I have to be able to drive as of the spring/summer of sophmore year. Which is only a year away. Trust me, when I turn 16, I am getting that driver’s licence. :)

Any who, on the knitting side, since I can’t decide whether or not to use this account or my blogger account, I think I am forced to go back and forth. Or I might just upload my other posts. Or something….

 I’ll talk knitting in awhile.


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