What shall I do???

I have been looking around the many thread of craftster.org, I have I yet to see a project jump out at me and beg to be knitted. And when I find the possible candidate, I remember that the only yarn I have is of a magnitude of colors but only 1 skein of Red Heart-yes, it’s true I buy cheap yarn…

Here are some choices I’ve seen:

Sock Virgin, Mrs. Darcy Cardigan, Jay Walker Socks, The Beginer’s Top-Down Raglan Pullover, and the Circular Shrug.

 I want to do them all but I know I will never finish them if I can’t even finish the projects that I am already working on. GAhhh…. this is so hard… jk : )

I think I might look at the amount of yarn needed, pick the one with the least amount of yarn and then knit it and the go on to the next one. I think one reason that I didn’t finish this one sweater (yet) is because I got discouraged from this one site that bashes rediculously dumb knitted items that should never be knitted and my project was on there and I didn’t even think it was that bad either. : (

Oh well, I’ll just have to toughen up. : )


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