My form of brilliant entertainment

I find it very relaxing and exciting playing a rubix cube. It’s so fascinating to think that someone in the 1970’s and 1980’s though of a rotating cube in the form of a puzzle game. And after trying to solve it for almost (well off and on) six years- YES IT’S PATHETIC- and just recently only spending 3 days to solve it again and then currently, my goal is 3 hours (which means that I need to finish my cube by 10:30 pm tonight, in 1 hour and 5 minutes). Soon I hope to memorize my little mini cheat sheet and be able to impress everyone at school by finishing it during lunch or during one class period (about 40 minutes, give or take).

 I also very very mathamatically smart today. In my geometry honors class, we took a test last Friday and got our scores back. In our class, 5 people got A’s, 9 got B’s, 4 got C’s, 4 got D’s and 6 got F’s. And among my group of four, one got 43%, another 63%, and another got 83%. And guess what yours truely got! A 97% A! I am so proud of myself being one of the only 5 A’s. : ) Now that I think about it, math is rediculously easy. I can barely try on the homework and when I take a test and what I not I do great. Maybe it’s because I understand everything that’s going on and I have a weird math connection in my brain. Math has always been easy for me. I don’t get why but I know what I’m doing and I think it’s oddly fun. Especially now that we started the beginings of trigonometry since we are basically done with our geometry book. I always wondered what the “sin”, “cos” and “tan” buttons meant on the calculater and now I get it and I think that it’s like DUH. I’m sure it will get harder, but this is so easy that I feel like laughing. : )

 Back to the Rubix. I still have one last level to solve which hopefully won’t take long. Yeah, my dad doesn’t think I can finish it before the 10:30 mark. I’ll show him. : )

 P.S. Math is amazing and fun, no matter nerdy that sounds. : )


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