I must be kidding myself… : )

… but hey, at least I’m interesting.

I yet again I trick myself in believing that I might be able to add another porject to my WIPs… HA… all I can say is that I must be kidding myself. But at least I know that when I am about 3 hours into the project I’ll get bored, put it aside and not touch it for 3 weeks and then after those 3 weeks I will be looking around my room to see what knitting projects I can finish and then I’ll see it. Occasionally I will get excited again and continue to knit it, somtimes I’ll just look at it puzzled thinking “why in the heck did I start to knit this?”, or (which happens most of the time) I will either cast off the project (because the new and more exciting project requires such size needles) or I will rip it out if I’m not that far. I realize that this is a horrible habbit and that as of right now I am doing horrible at trying to keep my New Year’s Resolution (trying to work only one project at a time and not have 10 other side projects). Which this is hard since I am still working on projects from almost two years ago… : )

So just as I was starting to cast on this, I realized that my starting a new project addiction was starting to overload… hehe, I think I will call this situation NPA. Here it is:

N- new

P- project

A- addiction

NPA is when knitters/crocheters get to a point where all they do is start new projects and never finish them, or at least it takes forever and they also have 10 projects going on at the same time.

Yep, so since I am going to try to break this addiction, I will continue work on the Beacon Hill Shawl. Yep, only 2 inches into it and I have about 50 billion more to go. : )

Good luck to all NPAers out there. : )


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