Isabeau, here I come!

Yes, yes, yes… I know  that I can’t even keep a promise to myself… but I had to knit it. I HAD to…

The project is named “Isabeau” and I am knitting a small version of the original. It’s very fun with the easy lace pattern and I am surprised by how fast I can knit it. It amazes me that I can knit something so fast for only an hor straight. I mainly wanted to knit a project that I would be done with relatively soon. Which is nice because, knowing me, I never finishing anything. Hehehe…

copy-of-p8150028.jpg < my Rubiks cube today… solved again. :)

Some updates on the many continuous projects:

Sunshine and Seashells Bag- Well, this is a crochet project that I recently started and hope to have it done by August when my family and I go to Cannon Beach this summer.I am almost done with the bottom, but I still have a loooooooong way to go.


Isabella- Started this afternoon and I still have some to go, but it will hopefully be a short project.


Basic Blue Cardigan- Yes, still working on it… I made some progress this week. I knitted another 30 rows on the right panel. After I finish the panel, I will only have to do the sleeves and sew everything up and I’ll be done.

Simply Marilyn Sweater- HAHA… yeah, like I’ve had time for progress on that baby. Pshh… I am working on the front. I have the back and one sleeve done. And with my luck I’ll probably have to get another ball of yarn-which I hope not.

Basic Ankle Socks w/cool rainbow type yarn- Meh, halfway through the first sock, and then I have to make the other sock in the pair. I really need to buy more dpns in that size.

Watermelon Socks- I am hesitant to make the other sock… I am really worried that I am going to have to buy more yarn for the other sock. Or if I should just invert colors, but I don’t want to make something dumb because I’m too lazy to go and get more yarn to finish the project. Well, when I get more yarn for Simply Marilyn, I’ll get some more of the other stuff since I think they came from the same store.

Knitted Yellow Skirt? – I ponder whether or not I should even finish this. I’m only into it by 5 rows and 448 stitches per row and I just don’t know/think I’ll be able to finish it without going insane. Gah. I also have to print out the pattern again, since I lost the first copy…

Beacon Hill Shawl- I am finishing this project dang it! No matter what! I am almost halfway though the intense aganizing battle with knitting 4 inches with size 2 needles and really thin yarn. But I want to make something pretty and that I’ve never made before.

I’m sure there are more and more projects that I forgot to mention (there must be since I can’t find my 8 US wooden circulars…) For right now, I think my plan is to work on either the crocheted bag, knitted Isabeau, or Beacon Hill Shawl.


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