Isabeau Progress

I decided that the version of Isabeau is not what I originally wanted to make. Instead I think what I will do is knit the rest of the project as is and then make another one that is more of a tote-bag size. Sure you have to buy the real pattern for the tote version, but from looking at some examples of the tote, I think that I will just at two more pattern repeats to the already three and knit the pattern for a total of 50 row 1 and 2 patterns. That should make it longer and a tad wider (more of what I’m looking for). But I’m sure the purse version would make a great birthday/Christmas gift. Too bad Mother’s day was two weeks ago.

Here’s my progress:


And being artistic today, here are my knitted and crocheted foods. (Knitted: banana, two lemons, apple, pear; Crocheted: cheeseburger and -not pictured- an orange)


Here is a pattern from my SnB day calendar. It’s called “Suzie Hug Me Tight” and I am going to make this. No doubt about it. : ) Don’t know when, or with what. Just that I am. Oh yeah, if you can tell, my tennis picture is right next to it. : )

Suzie Hug Me Tight

OOOH!!! Here is some yummy yarn! I haven’t decided what I will knit with it, probably socks since the yarn is a little thinner and I don’t really have enough to make something like a sweater or hat or pretty much anything else. I might make jaywalkers or something. Don’t know yet. All I know is I need to either buy more dpns or finish other projects. I hope to do both. : )


I haven’t done any knitting or crocheting today. I was making yummy yummy cookies. Chocolate chip to be exact. : ) Oh yeah! Double batch baby! I think this long weekend will be devoted to tennis and knitting. Possibly some bowling. YAY. I haven’t bowled in a loooong time and I need to start toning up for the season if I want to make varsity this winter. Which I will! : ) I also need to make sure I keep my tennis skills toned as well so I don’t start alllllllll over again at rock bottom. : )


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