Sock Mania!

I LOVE KNITTING SOCKS. Especially several at the same time. That’s always fun. : )

Watermelon Socks


Simple Socks

Wild Socks

Those are the main socks that I am working on. Yep. It’s pretty exciting . There are more pictures here. (my flickr)

Oh my goodness, I did so much knitting over the last couple of days but when I look at what I knitted, it doesn’t seem like I knitted much. I also organized my yarn cabinet. Gah, I have so much blue yarn… : ) But I love it.

I’ve some to little progress on the blue cardigan. I am proud to say that this last week I knitted at least 30 rows. And since this coming week I get out at 10:30 (hehee), I will hopefully finish the cardigan and maybe some of the socks. All I know is that I am so glad that it’s 20 school days until school’s out. : ) But if you don’t count this week (allll 10:30 days) then it’s 16 including the last day of school- which is on a Monday people! >: (  But hey, it’s only on a Monday because it snowed so much this year. I love the snow. I think it’s AMAZING. (You can check out my other blog to see what I mean)

That’s about it for a now. I might go play tennis later this afternoon, but I am going to knit more on my socks. : )


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