I hate sunburns. It’s not even June yet and I already have a sunburn. It’s amazing to me because all of last summer, I was whiter than a container of vanilla ice cream-okay, not that white…

So I was playing tennis with my friend yesterday for 2.5 HOURS!!! I was so hot, tired, and exhausted when I came home (I also stayed at her house from afterschool-10:30- to 5:00) all I wanted to do was take a shower and go to bed. But my mom thought that I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I took a nap for a half an hour that night. :( I barely made it to bed time. The main reason I couldn’t go to bed early early was that my mom had to still make dinner (which was spagetti and yummy yummy BREADSTICKS!!!!) So after playing tennis and then playing volleyball, I got the back of my neck burned, my arms (and now I have an ugly farmer’s tan), and a tad bit of the back of my knees.

Random: Want to know what’s a really good quick snack? Chocolate chips and peanut butter chips because you can just put some in a bowl and ta da! I mainly only say that because that’s what I’m doing…. :) Yum…

Not much on the knitting train currently. I want to spend today and tomorrow working on my mountain of socks and finish most of them this weekend. I might and might not post progress and maybe I’ll just post the end result Monday or something.

Current WIPs:

Watermelon Socks (56%)

Cream Socks (25%)

Blue and Yellow Striped Socks (10%)

Wild Socks (38%)

(possibly) Pomatomus Socks (zip%)

 I think I might make some baby items because they look cute after looking here. I have a problem people. : ) I’m going to go knit for the extended weekend. : ) Enjoy and leave me comments or something.


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