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Busy Bee!

June 30, 2007

I’ve been certainly busy today. :)  So far I’ve done 3 loads of laundry (and counting), unloaded the dishwasher (again), vaccuumed the house, helped my dad put away groceries, knitted, and baked lemon bars!! And it’s only 3:00!! Hard to believe that I woke up at 10:00!!

Here is my progress:

 I’ve knitted about 5 more inches of the raglan overnight and I only have to knit 3 more inches to be able to seperate the sleeve from the body. :) Notice the whimpy looking ball of yarn over there to the left… haha, I thought I was only going to need 1 ball of Sugar and Cream to be able to make it, I was comparing yardage and Sugar and Cream has an extra 100 yards or whatever. But compared to the original pattern, I am using smaller needles and yarn and it slipped my mind that I actually needed more. :)

 So I ended up having to go to the yarn store. I normally go to Joann’s for my yarn, but recently they’ve had barely any yarn at all. Most of the time they’ll tell me, “oh, we get shipments Mondays or Tuesdays or something like that” . GAH, all I wanted was 2 skeins of stinking yarn! Blah. So I decided (since they had barely any Sugar and Cream at all and none was yellow) to take my money and service else where. This elsewhere was call Michaels. HA-LEH-LU-YAH! That place has most of the common yarn (at great prices) of most brands and a ton of colors! I saw colors of sugar and cream that I never knew even existed! It was amazing and I LOVED it there. The only down side was that they only carried the smaller yarn size of Sugar and Cream. Oh well, I guess I have to buy 4 instead of 2! :)

Michael’s also had the HUGE version of sugar and cream for $7.99. :) I could buy 1 of those and be able to make the same cardigan caplet thingie! :) So I bought two. (Hint, I haven’t gone yarn shopping in a LONG time).

This brought me to realize what my sugar and cream stock actually was now. (see above) My sugar and cream was now yellow (x4), green/yellow mix (x2), cream (x1), turquoise (x1), pink (x1), a light rainbow (x2), poutpurri (x2 little, and x1 HUGE), and a periwinkle blue (x1 HUGE). Hehehehe, that’s only 15 skeins or so… :)

 This also caught my eye at the Michael’s store. Can you say TATTING?? hehe, and it’s TEAL!! Teal is only the best color ever! :)

So yeah, then yesterday night I was looking around craftster and of course I read (more like looked at the finished project pictures) this. Ha! Then I laugh at myself because now I am inspired to use the rest of my stash and use it up after going to the yarn store! :) I make myslef laugh at the irony.

Anywho, now to today. I woke up at a birght and early 10:00… :)  Since my mother has to work all weekend, my dad and I have the heavy task of the dreaded HONEY DO LIST!! :) It wasn’t that bad. It consisted of wash the kitchen floor (me), grocery shopping (dad), clean the bathrooms (dad), vaccuum (me), insert the new ice maker (dad), put in the new freezer light bulb-finally burned out after 15 years…. (dad), make something special for desert (me-it’s called LEMON BARS), mow the lawn (dad), put the dishes in the dishwasher away (me), and some other things. So yep, my dad and I were pretty busy today. OH! Almost forgot, I get to do laundry since my dad doesn’t know how to. Oh my goodness, there must be at least 8 loads of laundry. Not kidding. Especially this weekend since my sister just loves to only clean her clothes, and never washes anyone elses clothes. Oh yeah, might I mention that she likes to hoard the 4 giant beach towels in her car and use them when her and her friends have get togethers. I ask her why don’t people bring their own and she replies with the “we’re not going to sit on the grass/sand without a towel or blanket”. Again, why can’t your own friends bring their own stinking towel/blanket??? So about once every two months or so, she drags in the 4 beach towels and 5 blankets (huge thick blankets might I add) and puts them in the laundry room and my mom and I end up having to wash them. The towels are ours as a family, not Heather’s and her friends. GAH. Anyway, as a sort of form of revenge, I’m going to refuse to wash any of her clothes and unwantingly wash the 4 towels and 5 blankets, which will use up more water and energy since they are so big that it’s a stretch to put 3 towels/blankets in one load. So when global warming kills us all because of over use of the washer and dryer, you all know who to suspect as the cause.

So there’s 1 load of whites (between my dad’s clothes and my clothes), 1 load darks, at least 2 loads of just regular towels, 3 or 4 loads of giant towels/blankets, and at least 1 load of sheets. That’s a total of 8 or 9 loads of laundry. Then the washer takes about 1 hour to wash, and the dryer easily takes 2 to 3 hours to dry. So each load is about 3 hours. In actualility, we have both the washer and dryer going at the same time, so it’s 1 hour for the wash of the first load, then the 2 hours covers over the washer time since the dryer goes for a longer amount of time. So I have the washer and dryer going for at least for 17 to 19 hours per week total. Normally it would be 9 ish hours without the giant towels/blankets and sheets. Thank you Heather.

Okay, back on schedule. So after I started the first load of laundry and had breakfast and unloaded the dishwasher, I started on the lemon bars. YUM.

As the delicious gooness of the lemon bars were happily cooking, I was watching WIBBLEDIN!!! I love tennis and I love watching it. Korapova won. Yay, she’s one of my favorites. It’s scary to watch her play because she makes these horrible gahuhh sounds. hehe, I thought it was funny.

Soon after the lemon bars went out, and Korapova won, the rest of the matches at Wibbledin were canceled today because it started raining. :( So I switched on MTV and watched 2 hours of made. I remembered that I was going to be stash busting, so I picked up some double pointed needles and looked through my knitting reference guide binder and decided that I was going to knit an ear flap hat. :) So I started knitting it. No huge hopes for it, I think I might give it away as a Christmas gift or something like that. Dunno.

That was pretty much my day. (sorry for the long post)



June 29, 2007

It’s been a very simplistic few days.

Yesterday I started a new knitting project that I am making for my sister’s birthday, which happens to be next Thursday. I got the main idea from the Anthropologie Inspired Caplet on

Yep. That’s my main thing that I’ve been knitting over the last 24 hours or so. Otherwise I’ve been just relaxing and enjoying my summer. :)

I could tat up a storm!

June 26, 2007

I have finally been successfully able to do TATTING!!! It’s amazing and now I can do this one tatting project in this book that I’ve been longing to do since I started knitting!!! YAYAYAYAY. Sorry, I am very happy about this.

Okay, okay. Pheww… :)

On to kniting. I have started (yet another) sweater project this morning/last night. It’s called “The Incredible Custom-fit Raglan Sweater”.

So, as of the first offical day of SUMMER VACATION, I’ve knitted since 8:30 (roughly 1 and a half hours). As of right now, I plan to knit/tat some more as my sister makes BROWNIES!! :) Today is going amazing!! Then I have to get ready and go to tennis today at 1:30. :) Then I’ll knit more when I get back home.

Inspiration: the top knitting projects

June 25, 2007

Over the course of the last few years I’ve found it extremely hard to find a suitable project to create or think up and let alone trying to actually finish it. Here are some of the knitting/crochet projects that I have thought about making.


(By the way, it’s one of the projects that I hope to knit this summer with my many many avaliable hours of sitting-at-home-ness)


3-hour” Sweater (supposidly you can knit this up in 3 hours, but most knitters here would say differently)

Jaywalker Socks

Pomatomus Socks

Norberta (stuffed Dragon)

A ton of Little Dudes

Holly” Tunic thingie

Buttony Sweater

Organdy Ribbon Dress (I just dream of making something beautiful as this)

Pocket Creatures

Mouse Mittens (pattern is for kids, but I would make some to fit me. :) )

Summer Socks (meh, kinda)

Thing 1 and Thing 2 T-shirts

Opera Gloves (not sure why, but they look cool)

W.W.K.I.P.D. (you’ll understand when you click the link)

DNA model + cool stuff

+ more here! :)

(more later)

Yay, it’s offical!

June 25, 2007


Yes! Finally. So today was very interesting.

First off, in my first period class, we only had like 10 or so kids show up and half of them were never in our class whatsoever. But me and my friends Hollis, Nick, Shelby, Sarah, and Danielle played a mix of BS and Spoons w/ sharpies. :) It was a blast.

Then, second period, I played more BS and Spoons w/sharpies with Sarah, Hollis, Nick, Gabby, and some other people.

Third was INSANELY boring. I’m not kidding you, there were like seven people in the whole class. I ended up talking to my friend Tara about cosmotology and the future and college (since she’ll be a senior next year). Otherwise it was boring.

Fourth period was okay. I would have liked to play volleyball the whole time but I didn’t want to push my luck too far so I played (hardly) for half the period and play more cards (BS, Go Fish, war, and something else) with Hollis and this snot head (I’d rather seal the idenity of the rude).

Fifth period had a record staggering low amount of people. There were 5 of us playing Spoons and BS and one other kid just sitting there. That was it. Out of a class of 30, only 6 kids showed up. But what I thought was hilarious was that I saw 5 kids that I knew were in our class skipping 5th and 6th period to go to Pave, a local bakery hangout. Which I find hilarious since Freshmen and Sophomores aren’t allowed to leave campus. Whatever. Little skippers.

Sixth period was stupid. I really don’t see the point of even going. It was DUMB. I basically played Go Fish, War, BS, Spoons (with pencils this time) with Sarah, Hollis, Nick and me. Yep.

After school some of my friends and I were going to go to the local Alfy’s and celebrate being done with Freshmen year pizza and cookie pies. YUM. We originally had this big huge group that was going to go, but Kaitlin, Colby, Tevin, Rachel, Maria and someone else decided that during 4th period, they were going to go to the mall. By the way is across town and from north of the city to south city, took an hour to get there. So they all road the bus to the mall (which took an hour) and at the time that I called them (11:30) they had just gotten there and (of course) had no idea what the bus schedule was. They didn’t know what bus, what time, or anything. Basically they were stuck at the mall. Which back at the north side of town, me and my firend Hollis were on our way to Alfy’s. We had to walk. 4 blocks. Gah. Actually it wasn’t that bad.

So we get there (knowing Kaitlin and them weren’t going to show) and we order a medium cheese pizza and two drinks, which (when we calculated it) should have been $16 or so. And I was very surprised when the teller lady only said that it was $9.90 . I was like SWEET. But I asked the teller why and she basically ignored me. Pff, whatever. So I look at the reciept and it says pizza half off and my friend Sarah said that all pizza was 50% off on either Mondays or Tuesdays. All I know was like SWEET!!!

So Hollis, Sarah, and I sat at a table and Hollis and I ate 5 slices a piece and Sarah had gotten a mini self person pizza. We ate and talked. One funny thing was when Sarah asked me what I had learned in Spanish this year while we were talking about unlimited refills. I started off by saying “Yeah and after the 15th glass of pop the kid would be like ‘I have to go pee!! I have to now!’ and would say that like every 3 minutes. Hahaha. Yo necessito el bano!!! Yo necessitolo!!!” and I laughed so hard!! I basically said in spanish “I need the bathroom, I need it!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… You had to have been there… :)

Otherwise that was basically my day. It was amazing and I can’t believe that I basically have no school until early September. YEAH. Tomorrow’s tennis and I’m a little nervous because of my whole nose situation. I hope I can still be partners with Hollis. :) I think I might just tough it out but try not to overwork myself too much. Like on a level from 1 to 10, like a 5. Because I don’t want to take the risk of bleeding out-not like I actually would, but it could tear the skin in my nose and start to bleed- or the risk of not having my partner and missing 3 practices and 1 match. GAH.

On the knitting side, nothing. Yesterday was mainly a lay on my bed and play Sudoku for hours. :) I’ll try to do some knitting today. Not sure though.

In addition to a horrible day yesterday:

June 23, 2007

SOME KNITTING PICTURES!!! (finally got batteries for the camera)

 Here is what my knee socks currently look like. I think. I haven’t touched them for almost a week and a half… hehe, finals SUCK.

 Here’s a secret project. It’s only secret because I really don’t know what it is. All I know is it’s a cool knitting lace pattern. It’s my Grey’s Anatomy knitting project. I must confess: I’m addicted to Grey’s Anatomy. :)

 Meh. I’m calling it my “I’m really bored so I’m making another scarf” scarf.

MY BABY!! Not quite. I just LOVE this project. Color knitting has never been better.

That’s pretty much it for knitting over the last two weeks. I also finished the right front panel on the blue cardigan. I hope to finish it by the 5th of July for my sister’s birthday. :)

Worst Day Ever… almost

June 23, 2007

Want to know what made yesterday the (almost) worst day of my life?

Bloody Noses. They suck.

It all started out when I was in my mom’s car and she was driving me to school. It all of a sudden started bleeding. It wasn’t that bad at first but I was like OF COURSE. So we parked at school and sorts waited for it to stop. It slowed down some. Then I hear the bell ring. My mom and I thought we heard the 5 minute bell. I decided that I’ll go to class but then just grab the bathroom pass and finish up with my nose and be done. Of course, that failed to happen. So I run -not joking- to class. I walk in and realize that class had started 8 minutes ago and walked to my desk and set my stuff down. I walked to my teacher’s desk and quickly told her that I was actually at school on time and that I had a bloody nose and that I needed to use the bathroom. She asked if I was okay and I went to the bathroom. My dumb nose started to bleed again. And then it was finally good enough after a while to go back to class to start my test. Well, when I walked in, I looked at the cloakc and I had been in the bathroom for 25 minutes. I was freaking out already about this test and was totally stressed. When I sat down to take it, I instantly started to cry. (quietly, no one hopefully noticed) And then, my gosh darn nose started to bleed again. I was basically out of tissues and I quickly got up and grabbed the hall pass and went to the bathroom again. I was proabably in there for easily 25 minutes when someone came in. It was the nurse/health room lady. She identified herself as “Judy in the health room” equipped with a box of kleenex, gloves, and a disposal bag. She gave me about 8 kleenexes and told me to come with her and that my science teacher had called her and wanted her to get me. I followed her out of the science building and into the health room in the main building next door. Literally bawling my eyes out.

She gave me the box of kleenex and told me to sit in this chair and bend over this hazardous waist bin and pinch my nose, stuff several kleenexes to my nose and wait. I had an ice pack on my neck and (since the garbage can’s lid wouldn’t stay up) had to prop the garbage bin open with the same arm/hand that was trying to pinch my nose. I must have been doing this for at least 40 minutes when my mom finally arrived. By then I was working on my third box of kleenex and the bin was almost full.

Well, then I had to leave school and go to the doctors where the attempted to stop the bleeding-which had severely been going on for almost an hour now. I evenly sadly had to be wheeled into the hospital/walk-in clinic. I was unbelievably amazed at how light-headed and dizzy I was. If a cop pulled me over I’m sure he would think that I was drunk. But I don’t drive. So, the doctor ended up cotarizing (I know, I can’t spell it) my nose with some friendly silver nitrate. AND then stuck about 50 ft of packing up my nose. Not a pretty sight. Then, to make sure the otherside didn’t bleed out, he tape some more gauze blocking my nose airway. So I was forced to breathe out of my mouth for about 24 hours. Not a pretty sight at all. Because of how it was taped, I basically couldn’t drink anything with a straw and slobbered all over myself for most of the night. Exhausted and dizzy I managed to sleep for 2 and a half hours and lay on the could and watch tv the rest of the day while I could feel the left side of my nose leaking gooey boogers or blood, couldn’t tell. It was driving me INSANE. Since I couldn’t wipe my nose with the mountain taped to my nose! Gah.

Then when I woke up this morning, I had a crust layered tongue and lips. It was all dry and I could barely be able to drink my apple juice this morning. :( So since I missed my science final yesterday, I had to go to school today at 9:00 am. Yes, 9:00AM!!! The supposidly 90 minute exam took my 1 hour and 40 minutes. 100 multiple choice questions. Let me tell you, my brain is fried. Then after the huge final, I had to go to my health class and take another test. GAHHHH. BRAIN EXPLOSION!! I finished that one in 20 minutes. Praise the lord! I am offically done with finals!! But that wasn’t the end of my day.

I then had to go back to the doctors since my mom and I were concerned since the mountain of gauze had evidence of some bleeding. I thought it was from the left side since he didn’t cotarize it.  He ended up recotarizing the right side (since the day before he had only cotarized it about 60%). I was so scared I’d have to get repacked (it’s nasty, plus a mountain of gauze). But thank god and praise the lord, I didn’t have to repack it. :) So after that my mom and I got some ice cream at Baskin Robins. YUM. I got 2 scoops (’cause I’m special) of some kinda cool sherbert that had green apple, blue raspberry, and purple fruit punch. Very delicious. Oh yeah, can’t forget about the gummy bears. :) And yep. That was pretty much my day.

Oh yeah I don’t get to play tennis at all next week by doctor’s orders. He said no physical activity for at week to 10 days. GAh. Or it’ll be like gasoline. yay. fun. whoopeedee dooo. I’m kinda mad, but relieved.

Here’s what my sister wrote me yesterday:

 It made me laugh. :) My older sister is amazing.

Just checking in

June 13, 2007

Yep, I’m still alive!!! Not to worry. I’ve been very busy. People are stressed and what not. GOOD NEWS THOUGH!!

My finals are like so:

Science- a multiple choice test (my major worry of them all)

English- only on Old Man and the Sea (WHICH I’ve already read)

Spanish- retake of this coming Monday’s chapter test, otherwise nothing

PE- 1 mile run- easy peasy 8 or 9 minutes

Math- giant 200 point math test WITH notes-EASY PEASY

Health- uhh, not sure but it won’t be that hard. Not concerned. All you have to do is think logically.

 Otherwise I’m looking forward to the year ending. Today was sad though. It was the Senior Run day and also the Senior’s last day of school. (Yes, the rest of us still have a week). And they’re graduating Saturday. :( I have so many Senior friends.

But yep. I’m starting a new project. Not just a sweater or something like that. I am going to start knitting little blankies for kittens for my local PAWS center for volunteer hours. My best friend Nora is going to join me too. We’re going to get as many people to join us and knit as many blankets as we can until like January or something. I might make a knit-along for it. :) I got the idea from this article in the newspaper. :)

 More in a few days. :) Keep on knitting!

Dun dun dundun!!

June 10, 2007

Gah, I’m not looking forward to the week of the 18th. Even though it is my last full week of school, mind you that we still have that half-day Monday. It’s the DREADED FINALS!!! Which dread finals mean that it’s STUDY TIME!! I am very nervous about mainly my science final since it’s multiple choice and my science teacher is known to have the hardest mutliple choice. But at the same time all I need to do is go over the study guide A TON this week and the begining of next.

 From now to the end of the school year schedule:

Mon. 11- study

Tues. 12- study

Wed. 13- study

Thurs. 14- study

Fri. 15- CAMPUS DAY!!!!!

Mon. 18- study

Tues. 19- study

Wed. 20- FINALS– English, Geometry

Thurs. 21- FINALS– Spanish, Health

Fri. 22- FINALS– Coordinated Science, PE

Mon. 25- RELAX!! (only a half day)

 Yep, that’s basically my schedule from now to the end of the year. My final for Spanish is extremely easy. We have a chapter test Monday (18th) and our final is to retake any that we got wrong, otherwise it’s just chill for 90 min. My PE final is to run a mile. Yay. Not. It won’t be the hard. I think my last mile in PE was 8:24 or something. Which, in my opinion I need to cut by 30 secs for volleyball. (You have to have a sub 8:00 minute mile) It’s nice to know that I don’t have to cut my time by like two minutes or anything drastic like that.

Yep. I have no picture for my knitting yet. (No batteries and the camera is dead without any new ones) I swear I’ve been knitting!!! In fact I am currently knitting an intense color work project that I might give as a Christmas gift or something. I love knitting in color. I am almost done with Isabeau!! It’s not even funny. Last night I stayed up really late knitting and I could not continue to knit for the life of me and I only had to knit 3 more rows… gah. Well, I’m going to go knit. I might not post here for awhile. Depends on if I have anything new to say or anything exciting. So yeah, the next two weeks may be a tad bit iffy on post frequency… :)

Too much

June 9, 2007

Gah, I hate making descions about things that I love/want to do.

Delema #1:So this summer (starting the 26th) is a local tennis league-type thing and I really want to do that since it would help with my tennis skills so I can make the Varsity team next year. :) I also want to try out for volleyball this year too. My school offers “open-gym” days every Tuesday and Thurday from June through July and of course the tennis thing is from 1:30 to 3:30 and the volleyball thing is from 2:00 to 4:00. Why not? I know I am going to try out for volleyball this year, but I think it would look weird if I only go to open gym during the last two weeks of June because the tennis thing starts up soon. GAHG…

 Delema #2: I don’t know what to get my friend for her birthday. It’s this next Tuesday. I already know that I am going to get a billion balloons that day and make her carry them around all day. It wouldn’t be too bad for me since she has the same 1st period as me and I can just give them to her then. Hehehe, then everyone will be like, “Hollis, is it your birthday??” hehhehe, I’m such an evil best friend… I told her that I had a surprise for her but that I wasn’t going to tell her what it is. I also told her it would embarass her and that she has to go to school Tuesday. Even if she’s on her death bed. I must get a picture of her with the balloons. ehehehhe Okay, back to the delema, so I have no idea what to get her. I think I might get her the Darwin Awards book #1 or 4 since she has neither. I am currently knitting a thick scarf that’s blue, green, and purple and super chunky that will make it knit up fast. And then, I have to decide if I should give her something else for her birthday party that Saturday. MEhh…

Delema #3: I don’t know what to do with my psycho friend. I swear she is insane. (the one from the post the other day). She’s driving me insane and I can’t stand her complaints anymore. Let’ grow up people.

On another note, you may be wondering why there have been no pictures recently. Well, let’s just say the battery fairy needs another trip to Costco this Saturday. Otherwise (since the weather seems like it’s going to be crappy) I think I might knit and possibly work on some extra credit for science. I might also go over to my friends house and start to study for finals that are in two weeks.

I hate that the last full week of school is allllllll about finals. The last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Then we come back Monday for a half day and the last day of school. GAH. Oh well, it’ll be fun with yearbooks next Friday. And CAMPUS DAY!!! I love campus day. They rent the block and it’s a huge all highschool block party thing (Our campus is about 3 city blocks) Yes, biiiig campus. A lot of walking. Plus afterschool activities and PE.

In the way of PE, we started tennis today. Since I was the only one who was on the tennis team that was at school today, I got to get the good racket and be part of the demonstration on how to play. I am so playing in competitive. Hehehe, I LOVE tennis. My life plus bowling. :)

Well, I have much to knit. Hopefully pictures sometime this weekend. :) yay