Cornfused much?

So when I think that people that I hang out with at school have finally grown up by the end of freshman year,what do they do? Create drama, hate each other, whisper amongst their allies and shun the enemies. What? Are we at war? It’s like freaking grow up already! Those jerks wonder why someone is always mad at them.

 For example, I have this friend Jill (not real name, identity reasons-as I don’t want to be the new focas of the made-up drama), right? Okay, so she is probably the most uncoordinated person I have met. So she decides that she wants to be a cheerleader. Great, another fake-wannabe cheerleader who is anything but peppy and happy. GOD. She’s the one who ask me and my friend Polly (not real name again) everyday after PE and want to know our opinion about if she’s “ugly” or “fat”. Yeah, I know. She’s taken it to the extremes of not eating, gagging herself, and what not. I probably only know the half of it.  She told me that she started out the school year being a size 5 and now is a size 1 jeans. That’s what I am. I am naturally thin and tall and I fit in the range of sizes 1-3 (3 only when the brand runs small). It’s like DUDE!

Anywho, getting back to the dirt, “Jill” I guess supposidly “heard from someone” that our friend “Uli”(again, see above) liked this one guy. Obvisously she denied it. Then her friend (Uli’s friend and mine) stuck up for Uli like a good friend should (unlike Polly and me) and told Jill that she better shut her bleeping mouth and stop saying bleep about Uli. Jill took this (and like everything) offensively. Of course. Why not? So then the other day I heard from Jill what happened and told me and Polly that Jackie (Uli’s friend that stuck up for her) was being a witch (and another word that rhymes with that). And now Jill expects me to be on her side. Well, truthfully, I am gosh darn sick of having to stick up for a jerk that talks about me behind my back and assumes that I hate her when I don’t return a myspace message within two minutes. Well guess what Jill. I hate how you treat me and I am sick of playing your retarded game! I like being friends with Uli and Jackie and I’d rather be friends with people who stick up for each other (unlike Jill and Polly) that jerks who don’t. I can’t wait to see them cheer and LAUGH MY BUTT OFF AT HOW HORRIBLE THEY ARE at cheer. God, cheerleaders at our school do it and I am glad I am not a part of that. And this “Jill” will probably starve herself or whatever because she thinks she is fat. God.

Yeah, and because I was talking with Jackie today, I bet they (Polly and Jill) were saying that I picked sides and that I hate them or something.


When are they going to finally grow up? When they’re 60? So yep. This is what makes today confusing. Oh yeah, and then there is this other dumb kid who wants to play my Rubik’s cube and I told him “No” like 50 times. Jerk. Go buy your own. Moocher.


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