Dun dun dundun!!

Gah, I’m not looking forward to the week of the 18th. Even though it is my last full week of school, mind you that we still have that half-day Monday. It’s the DREADED FINALS!!! Which dread finals mean that it’s STUDY TIME!! I am very nervous about mainly my science final since it’s multiple choice and my science teacher is known to have the hardest mutliple choice. But at the same time all I need to do is go over the study guide A TON this week and the begining of next.

 From now to the end of the school year schedule:

Mon. 11- study

Tues. 12- study

Wed. 13- study

Thurs. 14- study

Fri. 15- CAMPUS DAY!!!!!

Mon. 18- study

Tues. 19- study

Wed. 20- FINALS– English, Geometry

Thurs. 21- FINALS– Spanish, Health

Fri. 22- FINALS– Coordinated Science, PE

Mon. 25- RELAX!! (only a half day)

 Yep, that’s basically my schedule from now to the end of the year. My final for Spanish is extremely easy. We have a chapter test Monday (18th) and our final is to retake any that we got wrong, otherwise it’s just chill for 90 min. My PE final is to run a mile. Yay. Not. It won’t be the hard. I think my last mile in PE was 8:24 or something. Which, in my opinion I need to cut by 30 secs for volleyball. (You have to have a sub 8:00 minute mile) It’s nice to know that I don’t have to cut my time by like two minutes or anything drastic like that.

Yep. I have no picture for my knitting yet. (No batteries and the camera is dead without any new ones) I swear I’ve been knitting!!! In fact I am currently knitting an intense color work project that I might give as a Christmas gift or something. I love knitting in color. I am almost done with Isabeau!! It’s not even funny. Last night I stayed up really late knitting and I could not continue to knit for the life of me and I only had to knit 3 more rows… gah. Well, I’m going to go knit. I might not post here for awhile. Depends on if I have anything new to say or anything exciting. So yeah, the next two weeks may be a tad bit iffy on post frequency… :)


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