Just checking in

Yep, I’m still alive!!! Not to worry. I’ve been very busy. People are stressed and what not. GOOD NEWS THOUGH!!

My finals are like so:

Science- a multiple choice test (my major worry of them all)

English- only on Old Man and the Sea (WHICH I’ve already read)

Spanish- retake of this coming Monday’s chapter test, otherwise nothing

PE- 1 mile run- easy peasy 8 or 9 minutes

Math- giant 200 point math test WITH notes-EASY PEASY

Health- uhh, not sure but it won’t be that hard. Not concerned. All you have to do is think logically.

 Otherwise I’m looking forward to the year ending. Today was sad though. It was the Senior Run day and also the Senior’s last day of school. (Yes, the rest of us still have a week). And they’re graduating Saturday. :( I have so many Senior friends.

But yep. I’m starting a new project. Not just a sweater or something like that. I am going to start knitting little blankies for kittens for my local PAWS center for volunteer hours. My best friend Nora is going to join me too. We’re going to get as many people to join us and knit as many blankets as we can until like January or something. I might make a knit-along for it. :) I got the idea from this article in the newspaper. :)

 More in a few days. :) Keep on knitting!


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