Worst Day Ever… almost

Want to know what made yesterday the (almost) worst day of my life?

Bloody Noses. They suck.

It all started out when I was in my mom’s car and she was driving me to school. It all of a sudden started bleeding. It wasn’t that bad at first but I was like OF COURSE. So we parked at school and sorts waited for it to stop. It slowed down some. Then I hear the bell ring. My mom and I thought we heard the 5 minute bell. I decided that I’ll go to class but then just grab the bathroom pass and finish up with my nose and be done. Of course, that failed to happen. So I run -not joking- to class. I walk in and realize that class had started 8 minutes ago and walked to my desk and set my stuff down. I walked to my teacher’s desk and quickly told her that I was actually at school on time and that I had a bloody nose and that I needed to use the bathroom. She asked if I was okay and I went to the bathroom. My dumb nose started to bleed again. And then it was finally good enough after a while to go back to class to start my test. Well, when I walked in, I looked at the cloakc and I had been in the bathroom for 25 minutes. I was freaking out already about this test and was totally stressed. When I sat down to take it, I instantly started to cry. (quietly, no one hopefully noticed) And then, my gosh darn nose started to bleed again. I was basically out of tissues and I quickly got up and grabbed the hall pass and went to the bathroom again. I was proabably in there for easily 25 minutes when someone came in. It was the nurse/health room lady. She identified herself as “Judy in the health room” equipped with a box of kleenex, gloves, and a disposal bag. She gave me about 8 kleenexes and told me to come with her and that my science teacher had called her and wanted her to get me. I followed her out of the science building and into the health room in the main building next door. Literally bawling my eyes out.

She gave me the box of kleenex and told me to sit in this chair and bend over this hazardous waist bin and pinch my nose, stuff several kleenexes to my nose and wait. I had an ice pack on my neck and (since the garbage can’s lid wouldn’t stay up) had to prop the garbage bin open with the same arm/hand that was trying to pinch my nose. I must have been doing this for at least 40 minutes when my mom finally arrived. By then I was working on my third box of kleenex and the bin was almost full.

Well, then I had to leave school and go to the doctors where the attempted to stop the bleeding-which had severely been going on for almost an hour now. I evenly sadly had to be wheeled into the hospital/walk-in clinic. I was unbelievably amazed at how light-headed and dizzy I was. If a cop pulled me over I’m sure he would think that I was drunk. But I don’t drive. So, the doctor ended up cotarizing (I know, I can’t spell it) my nose with some friendly silver nitrate. AND then stuck about 50 ft of packing up my nose. Not a pretty sight. Then, to make sure the otherside didn’t bleed out, he tape some more gauze blocking my nose airway. So I was forced to breathe out of my mouth for about 24 hours. Not a pretty sight at all. Because of how it was taped, I basically couldn’t drink anything with a straw and slobbered all over myself for most of the night. Exhausted and dizzy I managed to sleep for 2 and a half hours and lay on the could and watch tv the rest of the day while I could feel the left side of my nose leaking gooey boogers or blood, couldn’t tell. It was driving me INSANE. Since I couldn’t wipe my nose with the mountain taped to my nose! Gah.

Then when I woke up this morning, I had a crust layered tongue and lips. It was all dry and I could barely be able to drink my apple juice this morning. :( So since I missed my science final yesterday, I had to go to school today at 9:00 am. Yes, 9:00AM!!! The supposidly 90 minute exam took my 1 hour and 40 minutes. 100 multiple choice questions. Let me tell you, my brain is fried. Then after the huge final, I had to go to my health class and take another test. GAHHHH. BRAIN EXPLOSION!! I finished that one in 20 minutes. Praise the lord! I am offically done with finals!! But that wasn’t the end of my day.

I then had to go back to the doctors since my mom and I were concerned since the mountain of gauze had evidence of some bleeding. I thought it was from the left side since he didn’t cotarize it.  He ended up recotarizing the right side (since the day before he had only cotarized it about 60%). I was so scared I’d have to get repacked (it’s nasty, plus a mountain of gauze). But thank god and praise the lord, I didn’t have to repack it. :) So after that my mom and I got some ice cream at Baskin Robins. YUM. I got 2 scoops (’cause I’m special) of some kinda cool sherbert that had green apple, blue raspberry, and purple fruit punch. Very delicious. Oh yeah, can’t forget about the gummy bears. :) And yep. That was pretty much my day.

Oh yeah I don’t get to play tennis at all next week by doctor’s orders. He said no physical activity for at week to 10 days. GAh. Or it’ll be like gasoline. yay. fun. whoopeedee dooo. I’m kinda mad, but relieved.

Here’s what my sister wrote me yesterday:

 It made me laugh. :) My older sister is amazing.


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