Yay, it’s offical!


Yes! Finally. So today was very interesting.

First off, in my first period class, we only had like 10 or so kids show up and half of them were never in our class whatsoever. But me and my friends Hollis, Nick, Shelby, Sarah, and Danielle played a mix of BS and Spoons w/ sharpies. :) It was a blast.

Then, second period, I played more BS and Spoons w/sharpies with Sarah, Hollis, Nick, Gabby, and some other people.

Third was INSANELY boring. I’m not kidding you, there were like seven people in the whole class. I ended up talking to my friend Tara about cosmotology and the future and college (since she’ll be a senior next year). Otherwise it was boring.

Fourth period was okay. I would have liked to play volleyball the whole time but I didn’t want to push my luck too far so I played (hardly) for half the period and play more cards (BS, Go Fish, war, and something else) with Hollis and this snot head (I’d rather seal the idenity of the rude).

Fifth period had a record staggering low amount of people. There were 5 of us playing Spoons and BS and one other kid just sitting there. That was it. Out of a class of 30, only 6 kids showed up. But what I thought was hilarious was that I saw 5 kids that I knew were in our class skipping 5th and 6th period to go to Pave, a local bakery hangout. Which I find hilarious since Freshmen and Sophomores aren’t allowed to leave campus. Whatever. Little skippers.

Sixth period was stupid. I really don’t see the point of even going. It was DUMB. I basically played Go Fish, War, BS, Spoons (with pencils this time) with Sarah, Hollis, Nick and me. Yep.

After school some of my friends and I were going to go to the local Alfy’s and celebrate being done with Freshmen year pizza and cookie pies. YUM. We originally had this big huge group that was going to go, but Kaitlin, Colby, Tevin, Rachel, Maria and someone else decided that during 4th period, they were going to go to the mall. By the way is across town and from north of the city to south city, took an hour to get there. So they all road the bus to the mall (which took an hour) and at the time that I called them (11:30) they had just gotten there and (of course) had no idea what the bus schedule was. They didn’t know what bus, what time, or anything. Basically they were stuck at the mall. Which back at the north side of town, me and my firend Hollis were on our way to Alfy’s. We had to walk. 4 blocks. Gah. Actually it wasn’t that bad.

So we get there (knowing Kaitlin and them weren’t going to show) and we order a medium cheese pizza and two drinks, which (when we calculated it) should have been $16 or so. And I was very surprised when the teller lady only said that it was $9.90 . I was like SWEET. But I asked the teller why and she basically ignored me. Pff, whatever. So I look at the reciept and it says pizza half off and my friend Sarah said that all pizza was 50% off on either Mondays or Tuesdays. All I know was like SWEET!!!

So Hollis, Sarah, and I sat at a table and Hollis and I ate 5 slices a piece and Sarah had gotten a mini self person pizza. We ate and talked. One funny thing was when Sarah asked me what I had learned in Spanish this year while we were talking about unlimited refills. I started off by saying “Yeah and after the 15th glass of pop the kid would be like ‘I have to go pee!! I have to now!’ and would say that like every 3 minutes. Hahaha. Yo necessito el bano!!! Yo necessitolo!!!” and I laughed so hard!! I basically said in spanish “I need the bathroom, I need it!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… You had to have been there… :)

Otherwise that was basically my day. It was amazing and I can’t believe that I basically have no school until early September. YEAH. Tomorrow’s tennis and I’m a little nervous because of my whole nose situation. I hope I can still be partners with Hollis. :) I think I might just tough it out but try not to overwork myself too much. Like on a level from 1 to 10, like a 5. Because I don’t want to take the risk of bleeding out-not like I actually would, but it could tear the skin in my nose and start to bleed- or the risk of not having my partner and missing 3 practices and 1 match. GAH.

On the knitting side, nothing. Yesterday was mainly a lay on my bed and play Sudoku for hours. :) I’ll try to do some knitting today. Not sure though.


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