Busy Bee!

I’ve been certainly busy today. :)  So far I’ve done 3 loads of laundry (and counting), unloaded the dishwasher (again), vaccuumed the house, helped my dad put away groceries, knitted, and baked lemon bars!! And it’s only 3:00!! Hard to believe that I woke up at 10:00!!

Here is my progress:

 I’ve knitted about 5 more inches of the raglan overnight and I only have to knit 3 more inches to be able to seperate the sleeve from the body. :) Notice the whimpy looking ball of yarn over there to the left… haha, I thought I was only going to need 1 ball of Sugar and Cream to be able to make it, I was comparing yardage and Sugar and Cream has an extra 100 yards or whatever. But compared to the original pattern, I am using smaller needles and yarn and it slipped my mind that I actually needed more. :)

 So I ended up having to go to the yarn store. I normally go to Joann’s for my yarn, but recently they’ve had barely any yarn at all. Most of the time they’ll tell me, “oh, we get shipments Mondays or Tuesdays or something like that” . GAH, all I wanted was 2 skeins of stinking yarn! Blah. So I decided (since they had barely any Sugar and Cream at all and none was yellow) to take my money and service else where. This elsewhere was call Michaels. HA-LEH-LU-YAH! That place has most of the common yarn (at great prices) of most brands and a ton of colors! I saw colors of sugar and cream that I never knew even existed! It was amazing and I LOVED it there. The only down side was that they only carried the smaller yarn size of Sugar and Cream. Oh well, I guess I have to buy 4 instead of 2! :)

Michael’s also had the HUGE version of sugar and cream for $7.99. :) I could buy 1 of those and be able to make the same cardigan caplet thingie! :) So I bought two. (Hint, I haven’t gone yarn shopping in a LONG time).

This brought me to realize what my sugar and cream stock actually was now. (see above) My sugar and cream was now yellow (x4), green/yellow mix (x2), cream (x1), turquoise (x1), pink (x1), a light rainbow (x2), poutpurri (x2 little, and x1 HUGE), and a periwinkle blue (x1 HUGE). Hehehehe, that’s only 15 skeins or so… :)

 This also caught my eye at the Michael’s store. Can you say TATTING?? hehe, and it’s TEAL!! Teal is only the best color ever! :)

So yeah, then yesterday night I was looking around craftster and of course I read (more like looked at the finished project pictures) this. Ha! Then I laugh at myself because now I am inspired to use the rest of my stash and use it up after going to the yarn store! :) I make myslef laugh at the irony.

Anywho, now to today. I woke up at a birght and early 10:00… :)  Since my mother has to work all weekend, my dad and I have the heavy task of the dreaded HONEY DO LIST!! :) It wasn’t that bad. It consisted of wash the kitchen floor (me), grocery shopping (dad), clean the bathrooms (dad), vaccuum (me), insert the new ice maker (dad), put in the new freezer light bulb-finally burned out after 15 years…. (dad), make something special for desert (me-it’s called LEMON BARS), mow the lawn (dad), put the dishes in the dishwasher away (me), and some other things. So yep, my dad and I were pretty busy today. OH! Almost forgot, I get to do laundry since my dad doesn’t know how to. Oh my goodness, there must be at least 8 loads of laundry. Not kidding. Especially this weekend since my sister just loves to only clean her clothes, and never washes anyone elses clothes. Oh yeah, might I mention that she likes to hoard the 4 giant beach towels in her car and use them when her and her friends have get togethers. I ask her why don’t people bring their own and she replies with the “we’re not going to sit on the grass/sand without a towel or blanket”. Again, why can’t your own friends bring their own stinking towel/blanket??? So about once every two months or so, she drags in the 4 beach towels and 5 blankets (huge thick blankets might I add) and puts them in the laundry room and my mom and I end up having to wash them. The towels are ours as a family, not Heather’s and her friends. GAH. Anyway, as a sort of form of revenge, I’m going to refuse to wash any of her clothes and unwantingly wash the 4 towels and 5 blankets, which will use up more water and energy since they are so big that it’s a stretch to put 3 towels/blankets in one load. So when global warming kills us all because of over use of the washer and dryer, you all know who to suspect as the cause.

So there’s 1 load of whites (between my dad’s clothes and my clothes), 1 load darks, at least 2 loads of just regular towels, 3 or 4 loads of giant towels/blankets, and at least 1 load of sheets. That’s a total of 8 or 9 loads of laundry. Then the washer takes about 1 hour to wash, and the dryer easily takes 2 to 3 hours to dry. So each load is about 3 hours. In actualility, we have both the washer and dryer going at the same time, so it’s 1 hour for the wash of the first load, then the 2 hours covers over the washer time since the dryer goes for a longer amount of time. So I have the washer and dryer going for at least for 17 to 19 hours per week total. Normally it would be 9 ish hours without the giant towels/blankets and sheets. Thank you Heather.

Okay, back on schedule. So after I started the first load of laundry and had breakfast and unloaded the dishwasher, I started on the lemon bars. YUM.

As the delicious gooness of the lemon bars were happily cooking, I was watching WIBBLEDIN!!! I love tennis and I love watching it. Korapova won. Yay, she’s one of my favorites. It’s scary to watch her play because she makes these horrible gahuhh sounds. hehe, I thought it was funny.

Soon after the lemon bars went out, and Korapova won, the rest of the matches at Wibbledin were canceled today because it started raining. :( So I switched on MTV and watched 2 hours of made. I remembered that I was going to be stash busting, so I picked up some double pointed needles and looked through my knitting reference guide binder and decided that I was going to knit an ear flap hat. :) So I started knitting it. No huge hopes for it, I think I might give it away as a Christmas gift or something like that. Dunno.

That was pretty much my day. (sorry for the long post)


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