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Ahhh, what a great weekend!

July 30, 2007

It was odd. To have a great weekend with no knitting… :)

Anyway, it started off with Saturday. My family and I went to our local family diner around 10:30. It was so good. Except for the fact that when I got the Jr. Chicken Fingers, the breading reminded me of a biscuit texture than of crispy chicken fingers breading texture. And it also tasted like a biscuit with chicken. And then when I went to rip the chicken in half to eat it better, it had this shiny fat-layer thing and I could also see BLOOD VEINS IN THE FAT!!! Can you say disgusting? So I didn’t touch it after that and returned to eating the fries.

So then we finished and we went to the movie theaters because we were going to see HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG… :) Let’s just say that the fifth Harry Potter movie out beats ALL OF THE REST OF THEM! It was so good. It also probably helped the Harry himself was semi-attractive… :D

Then we shopped around for a while and decided on an early dinner and went to Applebee’s. Not impressed. The waiter was very very clinging and must have walked by our table easily 15 times. Gah. And then since I had chicken for lunch and at Applebees I normally always get their chicken thing ( like what I had for breakfast/lunch) but I decided for a grilled cheese sandwich. Bad choice. It was probably the most disgusting sandwich I have ever had to force down. Okay, normally when you get a grilled cheese sandwich, the bread is completely  buttered on the side that’s being grilled. One side was probably half buttered and the other side had maybe a size of a quarter worth of butter. Mmmmm, can you say griled cheese cardboard wood sandwich? Bleh.

Then (since we saw Harry Potter and I’ve only read 1-5 of the 1-7 series, I decided, hey. I’m going to go read Harry Potter. So I did. I only got to page 60 or something Saturday. How much did I read Sunday? Oh, only 300 pages! OMG ADDICTING. :) I spent my whole Sunday reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I still don’t get who the Half-Blood Prince is BUT DON’T TELL ME. ALSO DON’T TELL ME ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE SEVENTH BOOK EITHER. I like the surprise. :) Even if I beg and scream, don’t tell me. :)

So that was my weekend. And I am excited to say that it’s almost Vacation Time! :) So you might see a leave of absence. :)

My plan for this week (once I finish the 6th Harry Potter book) is to knit myself silly and then when I get silly, I read untill I’m tired and then I knit. :) (I will hopefully remember to post progress pictures!) Have a good day people!


Yay! It’s Friday!!

July 27, 2007

Wahoooo!!! I’m one day closer to going on vacation! YESSSS!!

Okay, so I have been knitting quite a bit recently. I’ve finished the front of the Simply Marilyn Sweater and almost halfway on the sleeve (I already have the back and the other sleeve done). I should have posted some pictures but, uhhh, yeah. I didn’t… :)

Yesterday I probably knitted 10 stitches total on my top-down raglan sweater. (I’ve been heavily focused on the Simply Marilyn Sweater. I’ll probably finish my navy blue cardigan and then finish the top-down raglan, or it might be switched. But no socks. At least, I have to save some projects for the car ride and the time before we stop by the local yarn store in Cannon Beach. :)

There really isn’t a whole lot else to talk about. I do have a tennis meet/game thing in Seattle today. ICK. Can you say “wonderful traffic during rush hour on my way home?” Supposidly the I-5 freeway is having major construction starting August 10 for a whole 19 days! ICK. Some traffic experts are saying possible grid lock. but that won’t be for another few weeks.

Uhhh, hmmmm… that sums it up. :) I’ll post more progress (like pictures) soon. Or as I complete it… :) Have a great weekend everybody!


July 24, 2007

Finally!!! I have offically been invited to join ravelry!!! All I know is that yesterday (as I was reading some blogs) someone was like “There are 1500 people ahead of me!” And I was like “How did she figure that out?” So I go to ravelry and there’s a new page that you type in your email adress and it tells you that you have an invite or where on the list you are.  So I type in my email and it says it was already sent. Then I excitedly open my email in another internet screne and I don’t see an email. I’m like SHOOOT!!!  So back at the other page there is a link you can click that will send your invite again if it was eaten my spam blocker. So I lowered my spam blocker and click the button and sure enough IT CAME!!! The I quickly put back my spam blocker. :)

(Edit: you can add me as a friend on ravelry, my name is ‘kelseyknits’)

OMG!! Ravelry is soooo much fun. AND ADDICTING.

Anywho, back to knitting. I have been knitting a lot over the last 3 or 4 days. :)

This is the top-down raglan as of Friday night.

This is the top-down raglan as of today.

I couldn’t help but knit the sleeves before I finished the body. All I know is that now I can just knit knit knit for 17 inches from the armhole straight and then do 10 rows of ribbing, cast off and DONE.

But yep. I’ve also been working on the Simply Marilyn Sweater… I don’t really know what it is but I have this mental need to know what it will look like with the modifications that I am going to make to it. I’m thinking I might possibly rip out the sleeves and make them shor sleeved versus the ugly sleeve that one of them currently are… :)

(as of yesterday afternoon)

Progress as of last night. I think I might have knitted easily 20 or 30 rows last night. Man was I awake or what? :)

But alas, I hope to finish the front today and maybe start/get through most of the other sleeve. I might end up making a whole different design for the sleeve, because I personally think it’s ugly, but I’ll have to try it on to make sure.

I also made this (in about 2 hours) yesterday:

 It’s a version of the Anthropologie Inspired Caplet pattern that I modified to fir my cute little Curious George doll. :) Isn’t he CUTE?

Well I’m going to go work on my “stash” section of my ravelry notebook. :) I’ll possibly write tomorrow! Ta ta!

Updates!! (Sorry it’s been awhile…)

July 20, 2007

Without further adu…. FRED’S MINI RAGLAN CARDIGAN!!! (same pattern as the Anthropologie Inspired Caplet)

Yep, a ton of pictures, I know, I know… :)

So now that I have finished 1 project, it’s time to start another. The main problem that I faced was “what should I do next that I have yarn already for?” Which caused this:

 It’s my form of planning. Scribbles. Scribbles. And more scribbles. Yep. So after a loong loong time of going through the billons of knittin magazines I have (which is actually like 7) I came across this (which I had previously attempted but then ended up giving up):

 This is a cool looking project (in my opinion). The only thing is the burnt looking colors. :) So I obviously wouldn’t make it in those ugly ugly colors. That’s for sure. So what did I do?

 I knitted a guage swatch!! :) I have yet to actually cast on. But hey, it’s a start.

From the topic of the post from yesterday about the top-down raglan, I am actually going to knit it this time. :) YESSSS!!!!

Yep, I’m about 9 increases into the yoke of the sweater. Which is exciting considering how far I’ve gone so far since I started last night at 11:00 pm. :) Can you say addictive?

Oh yeah!

Beyond the knitting now. My poor poor sad little left knee is killing me. :( Ever since the other day (like Tuesday) it’s been agonizingly painful. :( I don’t remember straining it or bashing it into a wall or hard object thing or anything! It’s like right underneath the left knee cap and on the inside of the knee. It hurts when I bend it. My dad’s friend (who plays softball) says that his knees used to hurt him that when he would drive home from practice that just driving would bring him to tears. I was like OH MY GOD!!! He says that it might be a tendonitis type thing and that to help it out is to stretch the quad and calf and stuff. And that it most likely happened because I haven’t been stretching all the way or properly. Meh. So for the last two days or so I have been trying to attempt to stretch my quad muscle or bend my knee but it hurts so badly! :( So I think that I am going to ice the heck out of it and try slowly stretching my leg a lot and stuff. Hopefully it will go away. Soon.

I’ll keep you all updated. :)

I think I am going to go knit or relax. :) Adios. (for now)

Where have I been???

July 19, 2007

Jeez, I didn’t realize how fast a week goes by! Wow. Not a whole bunch has happened (it’s summer). I’ve finished the green/blue/yellow toned mini mini cardigan (like the one I was making my sister) for my stuff animal. :) He looks so cute in his summer outfit!

Anyway, today this inspired me to once again try the top-down raglan:

DSC03429.jpg (I didn’t knit it, but it’s inspiring and I wanted to show you all)

So I think I might go start on that… :)

Blah blah

July 9, 2007

Not an extremely amount of stuff has happened over the last couple of days. I am actually deeply bored. I’m thinking that I might just bind off some of my projects (like the mini raglan cardigan thing or the chunky purple/green/blue scarf). I want to but I don’t. And it is making me frustrated that I can’t type today AT ALL. :(

Well, here are some pictures to look at for the time being.

Otherwise I’m going to go knit or do something boring like that. I’m excited though, I have tennis Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. And it’s supposidly suppose to be low 90’s both Wednesday and Thursday. Also Tuesday (tomorrow) is going to be high 80’s. YAY. :) Can you say HOT?

Not Much

July 8, 2007

Not much has been happening here. The weather cooled down to a lovely 73 degrees. Only in time for us to find out that it’s going to be record breaking high 80’s and some low 90’s. :)  Still knitting… I finished the mitt thing last week and I’m working on my watermelon socks but I think I might switch to the cardigan since I have to go back to the yarn store to get more pink. I would have gotten some yesterday but (of course) the yarn store is closed yesterday and today. During this craft/fair weekend thing in the town center. Meh, so I’ll work on projects that I do have yarn for. :)

Ta ta for now! :)

Happy 4th of July!!!

July 4, 2007

Yay! Today is the 4th of July!!! It’s Independence Day and it’s so cool that we gained our independence on this date 231 years ago! :) I’m not one of those poeple who go all out, but hey, everyone just loves fireworks…even though (a few years ago) one crashed into the hot tub cover in my backyard….

I even remember one year when people from the neighborhood were being stupid and lit of fireworks and the police came and gave them a warning and told them to stop and then not even a half and hour later, they continued to light off fireworks anyway, and the police came again and I think they might have gotten a ticket because then they stopped… haha! That’s what you get when you light off fireworkd ILLEGALLY… :)

My family and I don’t do anything really overly exciting. We normally just have a nice summer dinner together (like hot dogs and chips) and then when it gets dark, we stand by my bedroom window (since it’s upstairs) and huddle together with the window wide open and then just stand there for like two hours. But it’s fun. Except when the neighbors behind us (who are on top of a hill) light off the fireworks towards us… of course…

Anywho, on to the knitting…

I finished knitting the hand mitt pocket thing!!! YAY! I crossed it off of my knitting list because I casted off and I know I still have to buy fleece and what not and sew it in but that can be saved for a later date. :) The main goal is to finish knitting the objects. Except most of (actually all) the other projects I will probably also sew them up too. Meh, I’ll just see how it goes.

Now I am on the mission to either finish the mate of the 1st watermelon sock or 2 sleeves of the navy cardigan. I’m not sure exactly which one I’ll finish first.

Anywho, HAPPY 4th OF JULY!! I hope everyone will be safe and cautious if lighting fireworks (legally or illegally). Have a safe and happy 4TH OF JULY!!!

Goodness Gracious!

July 3, 2007

Gah, it feels like a melt down! Okay, not quite yet, but it’s 69/70 degrees and it’s not even 11:15! Gah, the forecasters “say” it’s going to be in the low 80’s today. :( Ick temp for a tennis player. I think a cool partly cloudy 70-75 degrees would be perfect. Oh news for Thursday (my other tennis day) it’s suppose to be high 80’s! Bleh.

Anywho, I’ve been a knitting finatic since I posted yesterday.

 I finished it! Finally! Actually, for about 2 weeks all I needed to do was knit a handle and sew the sides. So I did just that yesterday night. I’m so glad because I got to do this:

 I crossed off the Isabeau purse (which was #1 thing to do) !! Yay, my next option is either the blue cardigan or the hand mitt/pocket thing. I opted to choose the hand mitt thing since I only had about 20-25 rows left in the whole thing. I also have some fabric that I’ll use for the inside. I’m thinking I might just line it for now in regular cotton-type fabric and then later line it with some fleece.

Yep. I also binded off these:

Can’t you see the ugliness in that sock? I decided to bind it off instead of ripping it out because I was so far along in the project. So I decided to sew up the top and make it an odd looking hat thing… :) Can you cay garage sale?

That’s pretty much it for today. I am going to do some more knitting so yep. I plan to finish the pocket mitt thing tonight, not sew it yet though, and then hopefully get at least one sleeve done on the cardigan and then finish the other sleeve the next day (the 4th). Hey, while I’m at it, I could sew up the seems and make the button strap thing and sew on buttons and BAM! #2 and #3 on my list are done! Yay! Well, I have to go to tennis now and I’ll show pictures of my progress tomorrow. :)

Heat Wave!

July 2, 2007

Well, not quite yet, but by tomorrow it’s suppose to be high 70’s and low 80’s (I think it’s high 80 degrees), Wednesday (the 4th) 80-85 degrees, Thursday high 80’s, and then Friday starts to cool off with a cool high 70’s.  Can you say ick? Bleh, and hey, let’s play tennis for 2+ hours Tuesday and Thursday! Yeah, today is suppose to be the “cool” day at a chilling 80 degrees (give or take a degree). I think I see myself knitting anything but sweaters. :) I like the heat though, it’s a good excuse to buy/make kool-aid or drink some lemonade. Yum. :) Oh, don’t forget the Indepence themed rocket pops in the patriotic red white and blue! :)

Have I been knitting? Today, no. Yesteray, heck yes! Goodness, I must have knitting almost 2 hours straight during Pride and Prejudice. Oh my GOODNESS! That movie must be just the most romantic movie EVER. Love it.

There are some more pictures here.

I’m pretty much knitted out for the day but I may try knitting some of the many socks that I have on the needles. I think I might frog some of them. Possibly the cream with speckles (since I’m not that far) and the striped yellow and blue ones too.

I must work on these: (hopefully I finish them all before vacation in August-there’s a yarn store where we’re going so I’m saving up some extra money and I don’t want to have 50 billion projects going on at them same time while I’m gone)

-Watermelon Socks (I only need to knit the last sock in the pair and emboirder “seeds”)

-Wild socks (current sock and its mate)

-Knee socks (I may knit this last and knit it on the car ride to Cannon Beach, dunno- it has a looooong way to go)

-Simply Marilyn Sweater (I have the back and one sleeve done-this sweater has lost interest and will definately be an x-mas gift, only need to knit 3/4 of the front left and one sleeve and then ribbing around the bottom and other stuff)

-Navy Blue Cardigan (I only have to knit the sleeves and then knit ribbing for the neckline and button holes and then sew! I think this one will be one of the firsts that I knit with since it’s almost done and will be an x-mas gift)

-Isabeau purse (I am so bleeping close to finishing this. I could easily finish this in an hour but I can’t really get how to do the straps. possible x-mas gift. I might sell it)

-Hand Mitt Pocket thingie I made up ( I only have about 10 or 15 rows of color pattern, then rib and then sew in fleece-still need to get- and BAM another x-mas gift)

-This Orange Lace thing (I don’t really know what it’s going to be, I think I might just Bind it off and yeah, put it in the bin of other casted off knitting/crocheting stuff)

-cream scarf (I swear, I must have been knitting this forever. I haven’t touched it in the longest time. I would say that I am a third of the way through. I will finish it though)

-mini raglan cardi for stuffed animal (I will finish it-stash busting- not sure when)

-dumb white socks (I HATE these socks. I haven’t turned the heel allthe way or anything and I cringed just thinking about them. I’m frogging them the moment I get done. They’re horrible since I knitted them on size 10 1/2 needles with nasty worsted weight acryllic yarn, ICK)

-Top Down Raglan (original one) (HATE it. FROGGING ASAP. I don’t like it and I don’t want to knit it at all)

-Beacon Hill Shawl (LOVE it, still working on ribbing. This one is actually being made from the yarn that I got last year at Cannon Beach. I hopefully will get through the ribbing and lace and starting on the other side of the ribbing by August)

-Chunky purple/blue/green scarf (meh, I don’t know whether to frog or knit. I might save this for last and if I have enough time to knit it, I will. Otherwise frog and make it later)

-Sugar and Cream Earflap Hat (can you say possible x-mas gift? I think. It’s fun but there are so many stitches that the stitches want to fall of the dpns. Meh, I’ll play it by year)

That’s it for the knitting. Now for the crochet.

-Beach Bag (I am going to crochet and finish this by August because I plan to use it and take it with me)

-Green (with specks) crocheted scarf (This is a fun project that I haven’t touched for months that I will finish…sometime…)

Well, that’s all that I can see in my room/remember that I still have. :) I’ll probably find more unfinished knitting projects in my room. But I’m going to go frog the froggingly ugly projects now and order what projects I am going to work on now and then start knitting/corcheting to my hearts content.


watch this: (HILARIOUS)