Heat Wave!

Well, not quite yet, but by tomorrow it’s suppose to be high 70’s and low 80’s (I think it’s high 80 degrees), Wednesday (the 4th) 80-85 degrees, Thursday high 80’s, and then Friday starts to cool off with a cool high 70’s.  Can you say ick? Bleh, and hey, let’s play tennis for 2+ hours Tuesday and Thursday! Yeah, today is suppose to be the “cool” day at a chilling 80 degrees (give or take a degree). I think I see myself knitting anything but sweaters. :) I like the heat though, it’s a good excuse to buy/make kool-aid or drink some lemonade. Yum. :) Oh, don’t forget the Indepence themed rocket pops in the patriotic red white and blue! :)

Have I been knitting? Today, no. Yesteray, heck yes! Goodness, I must have knitting almost 2 hours straight during Pride and Prejudice. Oh my GOODNESS! That movie must be just the most romantic movie EVER. Love it.

There are some more pictures here.

I’m pretty much knitted out for the day but I may try knitting some of the many socks that I have on the needles. I think I might frog some of them. Possibly the cream with speckles (since I’m not that far) and the striped yellow and blue ones too.

I must work on these: (hopefully I finish them all before vacation in August-there’s a yarn store where we’re going so I’m saving up some extra money and I don’t want to have 50 billion projects going on at them same time while I’m gone)

-Watermelon Socks (I only need to knit the last sock in the pair and emboirder “seeds”)

-Wild socks (current sock and its mate)

-Knee socks (I may knit this last and knit it on the car ride to Cannon Beach, dunno- it has a looooong way to go)

-Simply Marilyn Sweater (I have the back and one sleeve done-this sweater has lost interest and will definately be an x-mas gift, only need to knit 3/4 of the front left and one sleeve and then ribbing around the bottom and other stuff)

-Navy Blue Cardigan (I only have to knit the sleeves and then knit ribbing for the neckline and button holes and then sew! I think this one will be one of the firsts that I knit with since it’s almost done and will be an x-mas gift)

-Isabeau purse (I am so bleeping close to finishing this. I could easily finish this in an hour but I can’t really get how to do the straps. possible x-mas gift. I might sell it)

-Hand Mitt Pocket thingie I made up ( I only have about 10 or 15 rows of color pattern, then rib and then sew in fleece-still need to get- and BAM another x-mas gift)

-This Orange Lace thing (I don’t really know what it’s going to be, I think I might just Bind it off and yeah, put it in the bin of other casted off knitting/crocheting stuff)

-cream scarf (I swear, I must have been knitting this forever. I haven’t touched it in the longest time. I would say that I am a third of the way through. I will finish it though)

-mini raglan cardi for stuffed animal (I will finish it-stash busting- not sure when)

-dumb white socks (I HATE these socks. I haven’t turned the heel allthe way or anything and I cringed just thinking about them. I’m frogging them the moment I get done. They’re horrible since I knitted them on size 10 1/2 needles with nasty worsted weight acryllic yarn, ICK)

-Top Down Raglan (original one) (HATE it. FROGGING ASAP. I don’t like it and I don’t want to knit it at all)

-Beacon Hill Shawl (LOVE it, still working on ribbing. This one is actually being made from the yarn that I got last year at Cannon Beach. I hopefully will get through the ribbing and lace and starting on the other side of the ribbing by August)

-Chunky purple/blue/green scarf (meh, I don’t know whether to frog or knit. I might save this for last and if I have enough time to knit it, I will. Otherwise frog and make it later)

-Sugar and Cream Earflap Hat (can you say possible x-mas gift? I think. It’s fun but there are so many stitches that the stitches want to fall of the dpns. Meh, I’ll play it by year)

That’s it for the knitting. Now for the crochet.

-Beach Bag (I am going to crochet and finish this by August because I plan to use it and take it with me)

-Green (with specks) crocheted scarf (This is a fun project that I haven’t touched for months that I will finish…sometime…)

Well, that’s all that I can see in my room/remember that I still have. :) I’ll probably find more unfinished knitting projects in my room. But I’m going to go frog the froggingly ugly projects now and order what projects I am going to work on now and then start knitting/corcheting to my hearts content.


watch this: (HILARIOUS)



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