Goodness Gracious!

Gah, it feels like a melt down! Okay, not quite yet, but it’s 69/70 degrees and it’s not even 11:15! Gah, the forecasters “say” it’s going to be in the low 80’s today. :( Ick temp for a tennis player. I think a cool partly cloudy 70-75 degrees would be perfect. Oh news for Thursday (my other tennis day) it’s suppose to be high 80’s! Bleh.

Anywho, I’ve been a knitting finatic since I posted yesterday.

 I finished it! Finally! Actually, for about 2 weeks all I needed to do was knit a handle and sew the sides. So I did just that yesterday night. I’m so glad because I got to do this:

 I crossed off the Isabeau purse (which was #1 thing to do) !! Yay, my next option is either the blue cardigan or the hand mitt/pocket thing. I opted to choose the hand mitt thing since I only had about 20-25 rows left in the whole thing. I also have some fabric that I’ll use for the inside. I’m thinking I might just line it for now in regular cotton-type fabric and then later line it with some fleece.

Yep. I also binded off these:

Can’t you see the ugliness in that sock? I decided to bind it off instead of ripping it out because I was so far along in the project. So I decided to sew up the top and make it an odd looking hat thing… :) Can you cay garage sale?

That’s pretty much it for today. I am going to do some more knitting so yep. I plan to finish the pocket mitt thing tonight, not sew it yet though, and then hopefully get at least one sleeve done on the cardigan and then finish the other sleeve the next day (the 4th). Hey, while I’m at it, I could sew up the seems and make the button strap thing and sew on buttons and BAM! #2 and #3 on my list are done! Yay! Well, I have to go to tennis now and I’ll show pictures of my progress tomorrow. :)


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