Happy 4th of July!!!

Yay! Today is the 4th of July!!! It’s Independence Day and it’s so cool that we gained our independence on this date 231 years ago! :) I’m not one of those poeple who go all out, but hey, everyone just loves fireworks…even though (a few years ago) one crashed into the hot tub cover in my backyard….

I even remember one year when people from the neighborhood were being stupid and lit of fireworks and the police came and gave them a warning and told them to stop and then not even a half and hour later, they continued to light off fireworks anyway, and the police came again and I think they might have gotten a ticket because then they stopped… haha! That’s what you get when you light off fireworkd ILLEGALLY… :)

My family and I don’t do anything really overly exciting. We normally just have a nice summer dinner together (like hot dogs and chips) and then when it gets dark, we stand by my bedroom window (since it’s upstairs) and huddle together with the window wide open and then just stand there for like two hours. But it’s fun. Except when the neighbors behind us (who are on top of a hill) light off the fireworks towards us… of course…

Anywho, on to the knitting…

I finished knitting the hand mitt pocket thing!!! YAY! I crossed it off of my knitting list because I casted off and I know I still have to buy fleece and what not and sew it in but that can be saved for a later date. :) The main goal is to finish knitting the objects. Except most of (actually all) the other projects I will probably also sew them up too. Meh, I’ll just see how it goes.

Now I am on the mission to either finish the mate of the 1st watermelon sock or 2 sleeves of the navy cardigan. I’m not sure exactly which one I’ll finish first.

Anywho, HAPPY 4th OF JULY!! I hope everyone will be safe and cautious if lighting fireworks (legally or illegally). Have a safe and happy 4TH OF JULY!!!


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