Updates!! (Sorry it’s been awhile…)

Without further adu…. FRED’S MINI RAGLAN CARDIGAN!!! (same pattern as the Anthropologie Inspired Caplet)

Yep, a ton of pictures, I know, I know… :)

So now that I have finished 1 project, it’s time to start another. The main problem that I faced was “what should I do next that I have yarn already for?” Which caused this:

 It’s my form of planning. Scribbles. Scribbles. And more scribbles. Yep. So after a loong loong time of going through the billons of knittin magazines I have (which is actually like 7) I came across this (which I had previously attempted but then ended up giving up):

 This is a cool looking project (in my opinion). The only thing is the burnt looking colors. :) So I obviously wouldn’t make it in those ugly ugly colors. That’s for sure. So what did I do?

 I knitted a guage swatch!! :) I have yet to actually cast on. But hey, it’s a start.

From the topic of the post from yesterday about the top-down raglan, I am actually going to knit it this time. :) YESSSS!!!!

Yep, I’m about 9 increases into the yoke of the sweater. Which is exciting considering how far I’ve gone so far since I started last night at 11:00 pm. :) Can you say addictive?

Oh yeah!

Beyond the knitting now. My poor poor sad little left knee is killing me. :( Ever since the other day (like Tuesday) it’s been agonizingly painful. :( I don’t remember straining it or bashing it into a wall or hard object thing or anything! It’s like right underneath the left knee cap and on the inside of the knee. It hurts when I bend it. My dad’s friend (who plays softball) says that his knees used to hurt him that when he would drive home from practice that just driving would bring him to tears. I was like OH MY GOD!!! He says that it might be a tendonitis type thing and that to help it out is to stretch the quad and calf and stuff. And that it most likely happened because I haven’t been stretching all the way or properly. Meh. So for the last two days or so I have been trying to attempt to stretch my quad muscle or bend my knee but it hurts so badly! :( So I think that I am going to ice the heck out of it and try slowly stretching my leg a lot and stuff. Hopefully it will go away. Soon.

I’ll keep you all updated. :)

I think I am going to go knit or relax. :) Adios. (for now)


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