Finally!!! I have offically been invited to join ravelry!!! All I know is that yesterday (as I was reading some blogs) someone was like “There are 1500 people ahead of me!” And I was like “How did she figure that out?” So I go to ravelry and there’s a new page that you type in your email adress and it tells you that you have an invite or where on the list you are.  So I type in my email and it says it was already sent. Then I excitedly open my email in another internet screne and I don’t see an email. I’m like SHOOOT!!!  So back at the other page there is a link you can click that will send your invite again if it was eaten my spam blocker. So I lowered my spam blocker and click the button and sure enough IT CAME!!! The I quickly put back my spam blocker. :)

(Edit: you can add me as a friend on ravelry, my name is ‘kelseyknits’)

OMG!! Ravelry is soooo much fun. AND ADDICTING.

Anywho, back to knitting. I have been knitting a lot over the last 3 or 4 days. :)

This is the top-down raglan as of Friday night.

This is the top-down raglan as of today.

I couldn’t help but knit the sleeves before I finished the body. All I know is that now I can just knit knit knit for 17 inches from the armhole straight and then do 10 rows of ribbing, cast off and DONE.

But yep. I’ve also been working on the Simply Marilyn Sweater… I don’t really know what it is but I have this mental need to know what it will look like with the modifications that I am going to make to it. I’m thinking I might possibly rip out the sleeves and make them shor sleeved versus the ugly sleeve that one of them currently are… :)

(as of yesterday afternoon)

Progress as of last night. I think I might have knitted easily 20 or 30 rows last night. Man was I awake or what? :)

But alas, I hope to finish the front today and maybe start/get through most of the other sleeve. I might end up making a whole different design for the sleeve, because I personally think it’s ugly, but I’ll have to try it on to make sure.

I also made this (in about 2 hours) yesterday:

 It’s a version of the Anthropologie Inspired Caplet pattern that I modified to fir my cute little Curious George doll. :) Isn’t he CUTE?

Well I’m going to go work on my “stash” section of my ravelry notebook. :) I’ll possibly write tomorrow! Ta ta!



  1. Emily Says:

    That’s exactly what happened to me with Ravelry! Apparently they first sent my invite in June, but my hotmail filter ate it, and I also just discovered the “search for your spot in the queue” function, so finally I’m in! It’s so fun – cutting into the knitting time though :)

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