Yay! It’s Friday!!

Wahoooo!!! I’m one day closer to going on vacation! YESSSS!!

Okay, so I have been knitting quite a bit recently. I’ve finished the front of the Simply Marilyn Sweater and almost halfway on the sleeve (I already have the back and the other sleeve done). I should have posted some pictures but, uhhh, yeah. I didn’t… :)

Yesterday I probably knitted 10 stitches total on my top-down raglan sweater. (I’ve been heavily focused on the Simply Marilyn Sweater. I’ll probably finish my navy blue cardigan and then finish the top-down raglan, or it might be switched. But no socks. At least, I have to save some projects for the car ride and the time before we stop by the local yarn store in Cannon Beach. :)

There really isn’t a whole lot else to talk about. I do have a tennis meet/game thing in Seattle today. ICK. Can you say “wonderful traffic during rush hour on my way home?” Supposidly the I-5 freeway is having major construction starting August 10 for a whole 19 days! ICK. Some traffic experts are saying possible grid lock. but that won’t be for another few weeks.

Uhhh, hmmmm… that sums it up. :) I’ll post more progress (like pictures) soon. Or as I complete it… :) Have a great weekend everybody!


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