Ahhh, what a great weekend!

It was odd. To have a great weekend with no knitting… :)

Anyway, it started off with Saturday. My family and I went to our local family diner around 10:30. It was so good. Except for the fact that when I got the Jr. Chicken Fingers, the breading reminded me of a biscuit texture than of crispy chicken fingers breading texture. And it also tasted like a biscuit with chicken. And then when I went to rip the chicken in half to eat it better, it had this shiny fat-layer thing and I could also see BLOOD VEINS IN THE FAT!!! Can you say disgusting? So I didn’t touch it after that and returned to eating the fries.

So then we finished and we went to the movie theaters because we were going to see HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG… :) Let’s just say that the fifth Harry Potter movie out beats ALL OF THE REST OF THEM! It was so good. It also probably helped the Harry himself was semi-attractive… :D

Then we shopped around for a while and decided on an early dinner and went to Applebee’s. Not impressed. The waiter was very very clinging and must have walked by our table easily 15 times. Gah. And then since I had chicken for lunch and at Applebees I normally always get their chicken thing ( like what I had for breakfast/lunch) but I decided for a grilled cheese sandwich. Bad choice. It was probably the most disgusting sandwich I have ever had to force down. Okay, normally when you get a grilled cheese sandwich, the bread is completely¬† buttered on the side that’s being grilled. One side was probably half buttered and the other side had maybe a size of a quarter worth of butter. Mmmmm, can you say griled cheese cardboard wood sandwich? Bleh.

Then (since we saw Harry Potter and I’ve only read 1-5 of the 1-7 series, I decided, hey. I’m going to go read Harry Potter. So I did. I only got to page 60 or something Saturday. How much did I read Sunday? Oh, only 300 pages! OMG ADDICTING. :) I spent my whole Sunday reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I still don’t get who the Half-Blood Prince is BUT DON’T TELL ME. ALSO DON’T TELL ME ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE SEVENTH BOOK EITHER. I like the surprise. :) Even if I beg and scream, don’t tell me. :)

So that was my weekend. And I am excited to say that it’s almost Vacation Time! :) So you might see a leave of absence. :)

My plan for this week (once I finish the 6th Harry Potter book) is to knit myself silly and then when I get silly, I read untill I’m tired and then I knit. :) (I will hopefully remember to post progress pictures!) Have a good day people!


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