Okay, with the current inspiration of the Travels With Swatchy blog and ravelry group still fresh in my mind, I remembered an amazing piece of knitting that I had made years ago. :) I now introduce you all to the one, the only, MR.KNITTY!!!! (I know, creative name, right?)

Mr. KnittyMr. Knitty

Mr. KnittyMr. KnittyMr. Knitty is addicted to the Rubiks Cube. :) He can make it from solid colors on each side to checkerboard. :D

Mr. KnittyMr. Knitty is also addicted to Sudoku. :) He likes the easy side the best though. :)

Mr. KnittyHe also loves to play a little Hide and Seek in his free time. :)

Mr. KnittyHe’s also a bread sniffer.

Mr. KnittyHe loves to relax on my bed too.

Mr. KnittyAnd when he isn’t relaxing, he’s knitting! :)

Mr. KnittyHe also loves to use up my minutes on my cell phone…. (j/k)

Mr. KnittyBest of all, he loves to sit in my window sill and watch the rain. :)

So this is Mr.Knitty and there will be plenty of more adventures with him. :) I might make a semi smaller one and take the smaller one with me.

I hope you all enjoy.


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