can’t think of a good title… :)

Today, I would say, was a very good day. I played on the computer for hours… :), I knitted, and ate to my hearts content. :)

Remember this? It’s come back to haunt me. :( The gosh-darn nose is being stupid again. Very very frustrating. My mom is taking me to the ear, nose and throat doctor tomorrow to get the left side (the side that the nursedoctor said “oh, that side doesn’t need it” PFFFH) I’m hoping it’s all allergies and that I can do something (like avoid whatever I’m allergic to) to make them stop. But we’re going to a different office place and a different doctor so that’s good. :) I’m just mainly sad because I won’t be able to do any physical activity for a week (eg no tennis).

And remember this? The Beacon Hill Shawl currently looks more like this:

Beacon Hill Shawl ProgressBeacon Hill Shawl ProgressBeacon Hill Shawl ProgressBeacon Hill Shawl ProgressBeacon Hill Shawl ProgressBeacon Hill Shawl Progress

Yes! I have completed the demon named “Ribbing-on-rediculously-small-needles-for-four-and-a-half-stinking-inches”!! Now, as you see I now have the monotonous task of repeating the same four rows for 35 inches straight (total of 39.5 inches). At least it’s the fun part, and the pattern is so easy that I have it memorized. :)

TDR ProgressAhh, the Top-Down Raglan Numero Dos! A few (like 5) more rows of progress in yellow. :) Not much, I know.

Sensational Vegetable BookAhhh, the Vegetarianism lives on! I’ve only been a vegetarian for 3 or 4 days now, and loving it! :) I feel so healthy—I know, it’s gone to my head a bit….

That’s basically it. NOTE: I would like to make a ravelry group with the top-down raglan so if any people on ravelry want to comment me here or message me there, I would appreciate it since you have to have at least 3 or 4 people who are going to join the group so it’s not a sad group of 1 person… :) (Also banner and buttons would be nice eventually)


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