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September 28, 2007

Firstly, I must apoloqize for my absence of blogging. I truely have been knitting (I think…). It’s just this year is a lot harder than it was last year. For example, I have a biology honors brochure project due Monday… GAH….

One good note though, if I continue to get 100% on my Algebra 2 tests, then I can get put into CALCULUS!!! YAYA. I’m so excited. My goal is to get to Calculus this year and then Statistics the next year. YAY.   :)

Uhhh, knitting…. riiiiight….

I’m working on it. I think…. more soon (hopefully).


Gah… so much going on!!

September 12, 2007

I hate not blogging. I also hate not knitting. :(

Gah, ever since school started up again it’s been hot and stressful. Oh, before I forget, my classes:

1. Honors English

2. World History

3. Honors Biology

4. Digital Photography

5. Algebra 2 with Trig

6. Spanish 2

Yay! So far my Sophomore year has been amazing. :) And it definately has a lot more homework than last year, that’s for sure. It’s weird to think I’ve been in school for exactly a week and I’ve already realized that my sleeping in mornings on the weekends are priceless. I love waking up at 9:00!

Okay, now on to knitting. I have knitted and felted a bowl (which is now dry) since I last posted. I’m sure I’ve knitted other things but I’m considering calling it “puttering around”.

Now, here’s the felted bowl process:

1. Knit the bowl.

Felted BowlFelted BowlFelted Bowl

2. You find an old pair of jeans, a bowl that the to-be-felted item can fit in, really really really hot water, soap (any kind, I used handwashing soap… :) ), and pure perserverance.

Felted BowlFelted Bowl

3. You place the to-be-felted item on one jean leg and squirt some soap (the to-be-felted item needs to be soaked from a dip in the bowl with the hot water first) and use the other pant leg to scrub scrub scrub! (My logical thinking tells me that the higher the level of friction-from jean, knitting, jean- the semi faster the felting will occur, sometimes it takes longer than others…)

Felted BowlFelted Bowl

Step 3 took me about a half hour or so until it was felted to my liking.

4. Find a bowl with some sort of relationship to the size of the felted bowl. (So when it dries, it dries to a certain shape)

Felted BowlFelted Bowl

I had two fish chip bowls that were the same shape/size of my felted bowl and so I would use the two and press the bowls together (with the felted bowl in the middle) to get the shape. Then I would put the bowl like this:

Felted Bowl or Felted Bowl

in the sun to dry. I took about 1.5 days in sun light as much as possible and now it looks like:

Felted BowlFelted Bowl

YAY!! One more Christmas present to give that I can mark off my list! :) Power to the perserveering knitter!!

That’s about it in the knitting/crocheting department.

By the way, I am very envious of the boy’s tennis team. They’re playing tennis and I have to wait until March. :( Oh well, I’m hoping to make varsity this year…. :)

Have a good day everyone!