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Don’t worry, I’m still here

November 10, 2007

Man, have the last couple months been S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L!

First off, sophomore year has been so much more stressful along the lines of homework, tests, and projects. GAH. Especially this last week with the recent starting of bowling!! I’ll start with Wednesday….

Wednesday- I had an entire day of school, then I had a bowling meet (which we won… :) ), then I got to go home for about 15 minutes and then leave to go to a band concert (yes, I joined band….the trombone is only the BEST instrument EVER….), and then I came home at 10:30 and did my homework (and didn’t finish it by the way) until 12:30 and I was so tired that it wasn’t even worth it to stay up.

Thursday- Not much besides school and bowling… oh yeah by the way I got a new high score in bowling… a cool 172!!!! Oh yeah!!! I then got another cool 128 on my second game. And then I went home at 4:30 and ate dinner and then work on this huge biology project and english comic project until about 1:30 in the morning and still didn’t finish it.

Friday- I woke up an hour earlier (5:00) to finish my english comic (since I still had to outline some of it in black and color it all) and I still had to do a ton of coloring an hour later. This means that from Thursday to Friday, I got about 4 1/2 hours of sleep. OH YEAH!  So then when I got to school (since we had a Vetren’s Day assembly and the band plays) I had to go straight to the band room and I got to skip 1st period (and guess who’s english teacher counted me absent? mine. Does no one know I’m in band? Seriously! And since I missed 1st period and my teacher counted me absent, I get a Wednesday School Wednesday because my teacher made a mistake and my school has a policy that if you don’t go to Wednesday School then you get suspended the next day (Thursday). LAME… Anyway, back to the band, then we played only 3 short songs and then had to spend another hour and a half sitting in the most uncomfortable metal rickety chairs known to man. Mine was lop-sided too. Gah… and imagine sitting in those chairs on stage for a stinking HOUR AND A HALF!!! Then I go to World History (after the assembly ends) and my teacher thankfully moved the chapter/unit test to next Tuesday. So I was feverishly working on my bio project (due the next period) when I find out that our 2nd period class is only 10 miutes long since the assembly ran long…. GAH. Anyway, fast forwarding, my bio teacher ended up letting me turn in my project at the end of the day (which now I realize that I didn’t write my observations….) and we spent the period observing onion skins… :) fun…. Then I went to 4th period (which, with our messed up assembly schedule was an hour-or 55 minutes- long and it was nice because I was trying to finish up my digital photography project. Which I did in plenty of time. Then I went to lunch band and we watched the first half of the Emperor’s New Groove (goodness, I LOVE that movie; btw, we watched the first half Friday and the second half Thursday…. :) ). Then I went to math where I turned in my homework from the week and then I finished my English project. YAY. Then I went to Spanish where I took a test where I felt good about it when I turned it in, but now I’m not so sure…. and then I spent the rest of the period finishing my bio project. Then afterschool I turned the english a bio project in and went home (since there was no bowling Friday). And when I got home, I passed out on the couch for 3 hours… :) Goodness, I love being a highschooler… :). And then I went to my sister’s play The Foreigner, which was amazing (and only two hours or so long).

Yeah, that’s only three days of the last 3 months. Gahh… I’m sad to say that I’ve been doing little to no knitting… :( I’m hoping to finish the rest of my projects that I have on the needles and then fulfil my new New Year’s resolution of only 1 project on the needles at one time. I just need to finish the ones I’m still working on… :)

Have a great 3 day weekend everyone!! :)