stress…again sorry for the delay… major delay…

Ughh! I feel so horrible being an off-topic, never-blogging blogger. :(

Well since I only have to survive tomorrow, I’ll be home free until January! YAY!!! I LOVE winter break. :) I do have to say, I haven’t been doing as much knitting as I would normally like to. It’s just hard trying to fit everything in and be able to have a life… which I don’t really…

(I have to make this kind of short since I am suppose to be writing an english paper on “The King Must Die”)

Well, life has changed a lot since the last I wrote. :) Bowling has finally started up again even though I don’t really like it as much since this jerk that my friend and I call “Red Nose” (I can’t bear the though of calling her Rudoph since I love Rudolph) and she is soooo negative. Last week at our home bowling match, I ended up getting 201, everyone on varsity gave me either a hug or a high five and came to me to say congrats and she just stands there looking pissed. Ha! Wow, isn’t that amazing Red Nose? Someone on JV actually got a better score than you!

Anyway, many many other stories to possibly tell. But I will tell you that tomorrow, I have an essay due for english, a vocab test, a world history chapter 7+8 test, a lab write up, a montage due, a retake for an algebra test (I got 28/30), and a spanish exam. :( No me gusta.

I guess I better get going since I (obviously) have a lot to do. :) Hasta Luego!


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