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Busy, Busy, Busy

January 27, 2008

Gah, what a stressful month it had been so far. But as I’m concerned, it’s about to get a lot better, hopefully.

The Knitting News:

1. I have finally finished knitting my blue cardigan! But now I’ve started the treck of finishing it with knitting the button bands and the collar. I may technically be “finished” with knitting it but I have no idea how long until I reach the craft button store. :)

2. I have recently (last Friday) started another top-down-raglan sweater. It was very sad, it was the last finals day and I had no finals and I ended up knitting several inches of the sweater in class. :) The best part is that none of my teachers care about the fact of. As long as it’s quiet. But I was surprised (actually not really) by how many people came up to me and told me “Is that knitting?” or “What are you making?” or “Wow, I wish I could knit” or (the most annoying in my opinion) “Is that a hat?” No people. It’s a sweater.

3. I kinda have the lets-start-another-project-that-i’ll-never-actually-finish-itis. :) I have so many projects that now that I think about it I am probably never going to actually finish. :)

4. I have yet to get any new yarn this year. I have not been to a yarn store or even the local JoAnn’s or Michael’s. :( Sad, I know.

5. I’ve definately developed the I-must-watch-Grey’s Anatomy-and-knit-for-hours-on-end Syndrome. :) To say the least, I am obsessed. :D Grey’s Anatomy is only the best tv show on DVD in the WORLD. (In my opinion)

Meh, that’s about it for now. More (hopefully) tomorrow. :)