Ahhhhhh… a breath of relaxation… if only for a moment

It’s weird to be sitting here in my dining room typing at almost 11:30 at night. Nonetheless, this is because my parents recently replace out old fashioned “desk top” with a very handy “laptop of extreme speed and excellence!”. :) I’m pretty happy now since I have finished a huge biology paper and a huge powerpoint projec that my stupid group didn’t help with at all. But at the same time you have to stop and think, huh, why did she wait until Sunday afternoon to start her enormous load of homework? Beats me too.

I’ll have to make it short and quick tonight seeing as I should be going to bed…

I have started to read Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s first book again and I have suddenly fallen in love with the knitting huge and marvelous things idea. :) My mom said that she sounded exactly like me when I told her to read the story about the green afghan. :) Yup, that’s me.

Well, just to let you all know, I should be writing a LOT more with this new computer setup. I hope you hear from me soon! (Oh, and I will upload pictures as soon as I find a second to do so)

So good night, and have a wonderful day tomorrow. :)


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