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Just when you think things are looking up…

April 30, 2008

…they fall.

Life has a weird way of working out. I don’t really understand it. Currently I can only find myself angry at everyone. I don’t really know why but I can just feel like there is something that is bothering me but I just can’t put my finger on it.

For example, my tennis partner, Hollis, has been driving me crazy. Almost to the point of where I can’t even stand to be around her.

Life just sucks. Everything is coming this way and that all at once, and it’s just hard to understand all of the signals that people are sending me, including myself.

As another example, one of my old friends just started talking to me again on myspace. Last year, she and this other friend of mine started saying a bunch of crap about me behind my back (being stupid freshmen). She’s apologized (when she recently talked to me) and seems really friendly. I want to be able to jump right back into our seven-year friendship yet a part of me is saying “warning warning”. And with these mixed signals, I just have no idea what to do. For right now, I’m playing it Swedish (it’s very neutral there and they have good food).

Gah. (Note: I would like to apologize for the randomness of this post and the lack of any knitting talk)

I really need this week to be over. Actually, next week too. :)

That’s it for now, I will hopefully swing into the happy spirit that is called springtime and enjoy the last month and a half of the school year. :)


Latvian Mittens

April 26, 2008

Aww, what is more exciting than returning to school and having a ton of homework? Knitting Latvian mittens instead! :)


I’m sorry this is a short update, but this last week has been intense with school, tennis, and my birthday. :) But I will be knitting a lot more since the tennis season ends May 2nd. :( It’s sad but also summer tennis is going to start soon. :)

Happy Knitting!

Are you sure it’s April?

April 19, 2008


I know, it looks like I dug up some picture from Decemeber or even January. I wish. 3 days until my birthday and it’s snowing. What is this world coming to?


I spent a good chunk of my morning starting on the massive (actually it’s not that much) amount of homework that I should be doing when i got a little side tracked.


I started reading, I starting thinking, and I started the dreaded process of start-itis. I need to knit something new. Why can’t there be someone I know getting married? Or having a baby? God, if only someone could be having a kid, then I would have the exciting time of knitting them something rediculously cute and adorable that would just ooze cuteness.


I could knit anything but I’m afraid I’m in a slump. I know, I know. I have all of these amazing works of knitting that I should really try to finish before taking something on but it’s just, sure they are amazing, but they aren’t cute. Like the “cute as a bugs butt” type. I’m just stuck.

I’m thinking of making a kid’s sweater just for the heck of it. Because I can. :) I could technically go knit a baby item or two for people at my mom’s work since like everyone there who is married is expecting. But at the same time, I also want to personally know who they are or whatever. I’m just not quite sure right now.

I believe that it could be the boredom settling in right now. I think I’ll go knit a baby cardigan or a hat, or a set of booties or something just to ease the startitis.

Happy Knitting.

Major Update

April 18, 2008

Ahhh, I’m back! I’m back from the great depths of isolation and I’m now allowed to eat and breathe in the free world that is outside the 4 walls of my bedroom! (I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself). You seriously have no idea what it’s like to eat real food…

Okay, we’ll start with last Friday.

I went to the doctors and I got my first dose of radioactive iodine. It was the small, you don’t have to do anything special about it. So that weekend, I had to organize my room so that when I was radioactive, I would have the least on less stress, my room would be clean. :)

And of course, cleaning my room I decided that it would be as good of time as ever to focus on organizing my wips and yarn… who knew a five minute idea would end up taking hours? Oh well, I found it very exciting.


I first started with the organization of my projects. (This would happen on day 1).

After I got my projects in bags (where each of my many wips were in their own bag with their pattern-if they had one-needles, and yarn). Then I go bored and I decided that hey, I should knit my watermelon sock since I recently got more yarn for it and it was almost finished.


And I could just sit there is silence and knit, could I?


So I watch all 1186 minutes of the OC while knitting and cleaning. :) I even watched most of the 1064 minutes of season 2.

I did finish the socks (and I do remember taking pictures, but I can’t find them…)

After finishing the socks I decided to go to bed since it was like midnight. :)

So I awoke early in the day (okay, 10 AM) and decided to continue my cleaning spree. I couldn’t just stop with the wips, I had to organize the stash too. :)


Yes, it’s a lot of yarn. I will admit. My parents still twitch when I tell them that I don’t have enough yarn to make anything…

Soon (hours later) it looked like this:


Beautiful isn’t it?

Well, let’s just say it doesn’t look like that anymore and it’s only been a few days…

Amongst the feeling of spring yarn project organizing, I decided to cut down on some projects that I knew I would never knit. It crushed my heart and soul ripping these projects out, but it was for the best… :( There was:

1. The 3 Hour Sweater. Once I put it on the stitch holder, I should have known what it’s fate was going to be…


2. The Waikiki Yarn scarf. It’s not my fault that it’s so thin and needed size 5 needles. Do you know how long it would take me to knit a scarf? For ever.


(Note: there were other fatalities but some were too heart wreching and “why did I even cast that on?” ish that I couldnt’t picture them all.) Okay, I’m a whimp. There were only like 3 or 4, I can’t stand to frog helpless projects that did nothing wrong but feed my start-itis.

What I did do, is (during the thousands of minutes of life that I spent watching the OC that I’ll never get back) was knit an entire scarf in 2 hours.


Which ended up looking like:


Yep. Two hours. One scarf. One pretty proud knitter.

Okay, so by this time it was Sunday night. Monday was my big radioactive iodine dose. I was in the clear. The clear sucks. So I Monday (April 15), I had to go down to the hospital and get my big dose of I-131 (radioactive iodine) after my body scan. Okay, talk about boring. For the scan I had to lay on a skinny table board thing (okay, I’m a skinnier kid, right? It was almost too skinny for me. That’s how small the freaking board was) for 50 minutes. Yes, 50 minutes of laying as still as you possibly can. It was so boring and I was so hungry. (They didn’t want me to take in anything except water after midnight of the night before. And plus, I was still on my low-iodine diet of evilness. Yippee skippy. So basically I was dying for food. But anyway, that’s beside the point, so once the scan was over, they took us to this room with a ton of computers in it and we (my parents and I) got to look at my scan pictures. Basically I still had some thyroid tissues in the base and top of my neck along the midline (center of my neck) which is to be expected. It didn’t say whether the leftover tissues were cancerous or not but the idea of the I-131 is to destory all of the remaining thyroid tissues. What was slightly concerning however was that there was a third dot in my neck on the right side (off the midline) of one of the two existing dots. The doctor guy said that that was a little bit concerning the fact that that was definately thyroid cancer in the lymph node area (off the midline) but he wasn’t too concerned since the radio active iodine is given to me to kill off those tissues. But still the time that I thought I was cancer free and was doing fine, I actually still had cancer. Ummm, a smidgen unnerving.

So then we had to wait for an hour for them to bring up the I-131 for me to take. It took an hour. A whole entire hour. I seriously should have brought something to knit but at the same time, I didn’t want to infect anything that I knitted.

Then, when they called us back there, I had to sit in this room and wait as the doctor guy brought in this cart and then left the room. He and my parents stood outside in the doorway view watching me to make sure that I took the pill. The small (actually huge) blue pill was in a vial, which was in a 3 inch thick lead conatiner. I could barely open the lid it was so heavy. So I took and swallowed the pill. Then we were free to go. It was a weird feeling. Knowing that anyone out there can be radioactive and no one can tell. It was just weird seeing all of the people who had no idea.

Anyway, then, when I got home, was official isolation time. For 4 whole days, I was only allowed to leave my room for the purpose of going to the bathroom (which I would have to flush 3 times) or to take a shower (and I would have to wash out with cold water for 5 minutes afterwards). It was very lonely. I cracked down and allowed myself to knit with washable acryllic yarn on the 3 day. :) I read an entire book (the Yarn Harlot’s first book, hil-ar-i-ous) and watched all of Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 (my parents gave it to me on the night that I could eat real food and I watched it. all of it. I’ve only had it for 2 days now…) They gave it to me as an early birthday present (which is TUESDAY).

But alas! It’s FRIDAY! I’M FREE I’M FREE!!! Yay, I’m offically (as of 10:30 this morning) able to see the world outside of the 4 walls of my room! It’s pretty great. All I’ve done today was laundry, take a shower, eat, and upload/take a lot of pictures, and basically write in this here blog. :) Ahhh, Tommorrow? Homework. Bleh. Oh well, today, I’m enjoying my freedom.

Okay, now to knitting project updates.

1. Top-Down Raglan sweater


Yep, I was able to knit and knit and knit and knit to finally get to the splitting of the sleeves. Now I get to knit another 15 inches on the body and 26 inches on the sleeves.

2. (no progress has been made, but I took pictures) Dad’s darling socks!!


I’ve also found out that soon we’ll be getting kitties! :) Which my family is incredibly excited. So I decided to copy this pattern from a local library book for the world’s cutest chunky knit afghan which has “the cat” in several different languages on it and knit it. The idea quickly got shot down when I told my mom that it required 22 balls of color A and 1 ball each of colors B, C, and D. Then I saw this other amazing and exciting sweater and I started copying that pattern instead until I saw this:


You might not notice as an every day reader or non-knitter, but it says “steeking”. What the heck is wrong with this pattern maker? WHY STEEKING??? Why can’t it be a simple stinking sweater???


With it’s cute kitty motif patterns…

Then I thought greaaaat. So I decided to go to bed and then when I woke up this morning I decided that I was going to knit socks. Or at least finish my dad’s socks. For Christmas? Hey, I’d be ahead of the game. :)

Which, after I check the laundry, is what I’m going to now go do. So I hope you all read and enjoyed my enormously long update. I enjoyed writing it for the last hour… :)

Have a great day everyone!

A feeling of change

April 11, 2008


I’m not sure if it’s the idea that it’s spring time and that the weather is only getting better and better but I feel a sense of relief and slight happiness. I’m not sure why but I feel like my ordeal is soon to be over. I don’t know. It’s just hard to describe. In five days I can start eating real food (yes, real food).

Well, today was my first radioactive iodine treatement day. Yay. :( It ended with me knowing I was going to be room-bound for four days with the exception of bathroom privilages. :) Oh yeah, and swallowing the world’s largest pill (I know, I know, it’s an exaggeration, but I do have my sympathies towards the people who have to swallow larger pills, eghsghfb, it’s scary…). Not only was it huge, it was in a vial, which was in a three-inch thick lead container. Yeah. A freaking lead container.

But it got better when my mom and I went to the gift shop to look at the Curious George section. Oh my goodness. I could have bought every single freaking Curious George stuffed animal if I could (they all need a home, right?). But my mom and I settled on “Dr. George”. :D I was so excited. I think I may have been a tad too excited since I’m a smidgen too old for stuffed animals… oh well, they are my weakness (next to yarn, chocolate, and a host of several other things). But it’s not my fault that he was oozing cuteness. :) So we ended up getting him. :) It pretty much made my day. Acutally made my week.

Okay, now to the knitting. With the news that Grey’s Anatomy (and a whole lot of my other favorite shows) is returning April 24th (9 PM, channel 4) I have been diligently catching up with season 4 (I need to remember to get season 3 one of these days since they refer to a lot major events that occur in that season and I haven’t seen it yet…) and once I get through Grey’s Anatomy, I’m going to venture into Gossip Girls (since I’m reading the book) and the Office (season 4 that I’ve missed mainly) and then I’ll go from there. Anyway, back to knitting. I’ve gotten this hint or sign, that I should be knitting something eco-friendly. Recently on the news they said that in Seattle, they are going to start to charge 20 cents for every paper or plastic bag that you use in the grocery store. So I found a pattern from and decided, hey I’m going to knit this and finished this.

My eco-friendly grocery bag:


(I know I went a little overboard with the amount of pictures, but hey, it’s literally the only thing I’ve been knitting since yesterday)

Well, that’s it for now. More later.

Have a great day! :) And happy knitting!

Boooreeeedddd to death

April 9, 2008


Yet another day has gone by and I really wish I could go outside and play tennis (since it’s gorgeous) but I can’t. My stupid diet mixed in with the whole “you have no thyroid or medication” thing really sucks. I have though, been able to write about 10 pages of intense biology notes, emailed all of my teachers of my condition, slept, and feel like my arms and legs are lead weights that are going to fall off.


This staying home bussiness is nice but it sucks when all I want to do is do something but I can’t and then when I watch dvds for hours I just feel guilty and I feel like I should be at school. But I must remember my priorities ( my mom wrote it up for me):


(it says:

1. Health

2. School

3. Tennis

4. Other)

This is my diet box.


Looks exciting? It appears to look like a lot of food choices. Trust me…it’s not.

I’m going to painfully relax or maybe write this english essay that I should be writing. :) Have a good (or better than me) day.

Home Sick

April 7, 2008

Gah, I hate staying home sick on school days. It’s the first day back from spring break and I barely made it through first period. :( It’s mainly because I am increasingly becoming more and more lethargic. Want to know why? (this is heading in conclusion to this)

So basically after my surgery I was informed that in a few weeks that I would be forced to undergo a radioactive (yes, I’m going to glow) iodine treatement. Basically what that means is that I have to stop my thyroid medicine (since I don’t have one) and go on this freaking stupid diet (which you basically can’t eat anything with flavor) and then eat a pill that can kill or cause cancers to others. :) Which this medicine does is it’s basically radioactive iodine. Iodine is mainly absorbed by the thyroid and a little bit by the salivary glands. So when this iodine from the pill is absorbed, the thyroid tissues suck it up and then they get destroyed by the radioactivity at the same time. KABOOM! And they are gone. And I get to be radioactive for a few days. Exciting or what?

Anywho, the stage of this process that I’m in is the no medicine and diet starts today. They have everyone who goes through this process go on this special “Low Iodine Diet” (of evilness) which means that I have to have less than 50mcg of Iodine per day. And you know salt, right? Well a long time ago (like the 50’s I think) people weren’t getting enough iodine in their diets so they started putting iodine in salt (that’s why you can get salt, or non-iodized salt). Well let’s just say that you’re on this diet, basically you can’t have anything with salt since it’s assumed that all salt is iodized unless it says otherwise. Do you know how many freaking things have iodine or salt in them?? Everything.

For example, here’s my lunch for today:

-unsalted rice snap crackers (8 of them)

-an apple

-3/4 cup of carrots

-3 tablespoons of Adam’s peanut butter (which is the kind that levels out on the shelf and you have to keep it refridgerated or it will settle out again)

-kiwi strawberry soda with no salt. (it’s basically carbonated water and fake juice with no salt)

and that’s it. My breakfast consisted of 1 cup of OJ and 1/2 cup of plain shredded wheat (by the way, no milk. I can’t have any dairy products, eggs, fish, meat (vegetarian), deserts, or most grains… which is basically all foods).

But yep. So not only is there nothing left to get energy from, but I’m slowly starting to get extremely lethargic and right now all I want to do is sleep. Or at lay down and not move. I might try to knit later but I can’t make any promises. :(

Hope you all are having a better day than me. (BTW, this is going to last well through this week and into next week but I should be back to normal next Thursday if everything goes as planned).

Aww, the sweet smell of a knitting update!

April 5, 2008

This is actually very exciting since I finally found batteries for my digital camera to take pictures of my knitting with. (FYI: this is a BIG update with TONS of pictures :) )

1. Aww, alas the infamous navy blue cardigan which I had told you all that I finished *cough cough… Well, let’s just say I finished actually knitting it. :)


Hehe, I think I might have forgotten that I actually still had to finish finish it. :) Like the simple things like a neck band… or a button band… or sewing in the ends… But hey, it only took me something like 3 years of off and on knitting to be able to finish actually knitting it. :)

2. Watermelon Socks. Okay, so I haven’t really had any actually knitting done to it lately, but I bought another ball of the pink that I’ve been meaning to get. That’s a step…


3. My newest project… I call him ‘Trunks’ the rediculously soon to be adorable elephant!!!


Aww my goodness, can’t you see the cuteness just oozing out of him?


This is supposedly the body.


And the cute little ears!!!


And the sides of the head.


And the trunk… :) I’m planning to make this little the cutest pair of shorts anyone has ever seen in their lives. :)

4. I also plan to make another cute little guy out of this.

020 :)

5. The dreadfully lieful 3-Hour sweater. Hey, it’s worth a try right? You never know unless you try a knitting project that everyone around you who knits says that it’s a big lie and doesn’t make logical or physical sense in time reality. :)

017 (This is about 45 minutes to an hour’s work…)

6. Aww, one of my favorite simple and fun (not necessarily short) knitting projects… the Top-Down Raglan!!! (most of my progress was made during finals week… :) )


Ahhh, I just love monotonous knitting while kids around me freak out about the biology and algebra 2 with trig finals when I’m already done with BOTH… :)

7. ICK. I pretty must almost hate this scarf. Ick ick ick ick ick. It’s made out of funfur.


One of my mom’s co-workers thought (as a beginning knitter) that she could knit stuff with fun fur because it was pretty and soft and cool. Sigh. I remember when I believed in the magical powers of funfur. Untill I made this awesomely amazing scarf out of funfur and redheart and stupidly believed it could go in the washer and dryer (it said it could, okay?) and ended up turning into an explosion of fuzz ball ugliness. All of the “eyelashes” of the funfur frizzed and stuck together. Let’s just say I’ve never worn it but at the same time I refuse to give it away… So anyway, with my mom’s co-worker, she thought she could knit with this materal and bought roughly 17 or 18 balls of freaking funfur from walmart. Yeah. Ummm… Well she got wind from my mom that I knit a lot and thought, hey I’ll bring some in for her. SIgh. So my mom gave me all of this funfur and said to me “It would sure be nice of you to knit her a scarf with some of this pretty yarn she gave you” a.k.a. knit her a scarf to say thank you. Ugg… so I started knitting it… and I’m still knitting it…

8. And one of my favorites… the Beacon Hill Shawl (yes people, I still believe that I will eventually finish it).

Here’s my progress: (I know it doesn’t look like much but I was able to knit several inches of it in the last few days)


Yep… pretty sure it’s going to be the simplest yet longest project that I will ever do next to the navy blue cardigan. But I tell myself that I will get this done by Christmas. :) (I know lies, lies, lies)

That’s basically it for today. :) I’m going to work on this beauty of a shawl/sleeve thing while I watch hours and hours of Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, and the O.C.


Happy Knitting!

On a good note

April 4, 2008

After the deeply depressing post I just made, I would like to let you all know that I am actually semi starting to knit a lot again. I’ve acutally found (or am trying to find) time to knit! I’ve brought life back into knitting my Beacon Hill Shawl thing that I am knitting while I watch Grey’s Anatomy over and over and over.

I sure do love spring break. :)

Life Sucks. Here’s why.

April 4, 2008

Okay, I know it’s not exactly the world’s most grab you in and read me know title, but hey, it’s the truth.

Firt off, I’ll start with me and my big problems.

First off, I got the unlucky card of  papillary thyroid cancer. (Don’t worry I’m fine now) It wasn’t one of those “you have a blank amount of time to live” canacers. It was we need you to get surgery as soon as possible but you’ll be fine and once this process is over it’ll be no big deal. Pfff. Yeah right. No big deal? For goodness sake! They want to freaking cut me open! If they were going to cut me open I was going to interrogate every single one of them into why they wanted to be what they are and how did they get there ( I want to be a surgeon too, just to let you all know). Muhahaha, I love putting doctors on the spot with questions like that because you get a very good understanding of who they are and if they love their job (which from my results they all did, which is a good sign).

Okay, the day was coming closer and my doctors did the “we need labs from you” idea. So I got my blood drawn, an ultrasound, and an icky needle biopsy. ICK. What sucks about the needle biopsy is that you are awake, but you actually see the doctor shoving this rediculously large needle into your neck as you are laying there helpless. And trust me, it was the weirdest sensation I’ve ever personally experianced. Because all you want to do is squirm or run away but I had to keep on telling myself that it would all be over soon and that then I would never have to experiance this ever again. Ever. Hopefully….

Then I met with the surgeon. I was so nervous to the point of smiling and laughing. Which now I realize that’s what I do when I’m nervous. I seem excited which in actuality isn’t a very good thing to do in nerve-wraking situations. Anyway, the surgeon had us sit down with this one lady who had a calendar of what avaliable days were in the surgeon’s schedule. I originally told my mom that if it was possible, then I would like to be able to have my surgery on a Tuesday, so that I could say goodbye to my friends on that Monday. :) Hehe, life’s priorities…. And guess what! He only did surgery on Mondays and Tuesdays! Yesss!!! Then my next major concern was, I can’t have this happen during finals week. Missing fianls would be the worst thing to possibly happen in the history of history. When you have hard classes like I do, trust me all I want to do is get the finals over with.

We ended up scheduling the surgery for Tuesday February 5, 2008. It seemed so far away (since when we scheduled it, it was like weeks in advanced (it might have been 3 or 4 weeks). but slowly and surely the day came upon me. Not excited. We scheduled my surgery for I believe it was 10:00 AM. It didn’t actually start until like 1:00 PM. But hey, the guy is a head/neck surgeon. I think he should take as much time as he needs…. :) My surgery ended up taking about 4 hours or so (give or take).

Okay, so we (my dad, mom, and sister) are waiting in the pre-op where the patients are laying in the beds and you meet the some nurses, the anesthieologist, and the surgeon’s assistant (or resident). I remember waiting there for quite awhile. I, of course, had the bed that was right next to the automatic door which gave a big whooosh of air whenever it was opened. My dad said that the hospital should owe us 100 dollars for everytime it opened. I believe that he stopped counting at about 21 or maybe 25. When the anesthieologist came by, we let his know that I was extremely nervous and anxious and we wanted to know if there was anything that he could do for us so that I could relax and be less aware of what was going on. He said sure, and gave me relaxy medicine through the IV. Ahhh, kinda relaxation… not really. When this happened I could start to tell that I was getting really nervous. I couldn’t stop smiling or laughing. Everything was funny. Don’t ask me why. Soon, but I can’t really remember how soon, I was forced to leave my parents and go to the OR. I remember saying my goodbye and love yous and being wheeled away. It was just nerve-wraking and I think I had a little but of motion sickness (but I didn’t throw up or anything). It seemed like it took forever to be rolled to the OR. Then when I got inside the OR, it was a green-blue color and very clean. I remember looking around and seeing all of the people that I saw in the pre-op area and I think the resident (surgical assistant guy) asked me if I was ready for the surgery. I think I said that I was. They had the rolling bed lined up to the surgical table and I had to move myself onto it. I felt pretty stupid having to move myself but whatever. So I laid down and I remember seeing the anesthieologist (sorry I keep on butchering this word) and him putting these electrodes on me and saying stuff, of which I can’t remember. I don’t even remember closing my eyes or saying anything else.

The next thing that I do remember is waking up in the recovery room. It was the weirdest sensation. I couldn’t seen anything very well, I didn’t have my glasses on. Actually I couln’t really hear, taste, smell, or feel (like I couldn’t move). But what I do remember is that I had this sensation like I wanted to burp or something. So I thought I was burping but then I could hear this faint rush of people towards me and then sense of panic and I felt the nurses turn me on my side. And I don’t think I was burping. I think I was actualy throwing up. It was liquidy but the feeeling of throwing up wasn’t really there since I could taste anything (thank god and praise the lord because that would have sucked). Then one of the nurses asked me if I still needed to throw up and I said no.

Shortly after this episode, I was wheeled to my room. On the freaking pediatric floor. Thank goodness that I was only sharing a room with an empty crib. So it ended up being just me. YAY. I really didn’t want to share a room with someone else. Within a few minutes of actually getting to my room my family came in. I was so tired that I really just wanted to lay there. I just didn’t want to do anything. And then my good friends Mary and Andrea came in about 10 minutes after my family. I tried so hard to focus on what Mary and Andrea were saying but all I wanted to do was to sleep. I think that the funniest thing that I said to MAry was the she broke her wrist in spanish. “Mary tu rompe la muneca?”She laughed and chuckled. :) I guess it was about 6 PM when I had finally gotten to my room and they had to leave a short while later. And then my sister had to leave to go to work. My mom and dad wanted to keep on talking to me because they missed me but I just didn’t want to do anything.

That night however, I swear, I’ve never had to go to the bathroom that much in my life. I was like every two hours, oh, nurse I have to go to the bathroom again. It was mainly because I went through a whole IV bag in only a few short hours. :) Let’s just say, that first night was very uncomfortable. All I wanted to do was to get in a comfortable position and sleep. Sleep sleep sleep. But nooo. The nurse would come in every 2 hours to check up on me, help me to the bathroom and give me pain medicine. :) So I would get really really comfortable and fall asleep and I would either wake up in an hour because that half of my body was numb or because food was there (they said that I could eat technically anything, but I was sure that it was cold liquids (you know, fruit smoothie slushy things, pudding <3, ice cream). And it felt great when I had the five start treatment of someone always there to help shove a pillow under my back. :) And my parents got me the CUTEST stuffed animal. It was a Curious George with a yellow shirt and red lettering. Can you say AWWWWWWW??? So basically it never left my sight.

That night I found it very hard to sleep in addition to the nurse, the pain, and my mom’s snoring, outside the window where these three flashing lights. I thought it was a plane landing sight (hint all of the medicine I was on) but it ended up being a crane.

The next day at a bright and early 6:30 in the morning, the doctors came in and checked me out. They wanted to know if I was good (which I was) and would see me later. I was like, okay. Then at 7:30, my amazing night nurse introduced my mom and I to the day nurse. She wasn’t very good. She wasn’t very talkative at all. It was like she wanted to be doing something else. Mainly I think my goal for that day was to eat more solid food. Well my pain slowly started to kick in. I was like, okay, my neck kinda hurts. It’s like a 5 or 6 (in my scale that was like hey, it’s really uncomfortable). She told me that they could get me some warm blankets and ice chips and see how I was doing a little later. Hmmm. I knew that the pain wasn’t going to just go away magically. And guess who was right. Me. I tried to take a nap and have the pain go away but when I woke up it was even worse. I told my mom who was right there that my neck was hurting very badly. She wanted to know what number and I told her it was like an 8 or 9. We tried calling the nurse but the call button wasn’t working, at all. So my mom left the room and tried to look for the nurse. It took the stupid nurse forever to get there. At that point it had hurt so bad that I literally had tear coming from my eyes and she still seemed like I didn’t really need it. I was like are you freaking crazy? I told her it was like a 9. And she reluctantly gave me the medicine. And thank goodness that the time came (a few hours later) that the nurses switched.

My friends Mary and Andrea came back that afternoon and saw me. I was actually very excited. Since, I could actually talk and be more aware. :) I think we (Mary, Andrea, my parents and I) talked about almost everything. Then they eventually had to leave. :( A few hours after they left, I started to get this weird tingling feeling in my legs. It felt like when you sit on your legs and they fall asleep and they are all tingly. I remember that the doctrs had been asking me if I had been having any tingles in my legs, feet, arms, fingers, or face. It had been no, not really. Until then. The nurse came in in a panic and I was very confused, but it kept on happening. At first it was just tingles, and then it went to a few cramps. Which is bad. When it seemed like they were unhooking me with things, then they would have to hook me back up. Things started to calm down as I was just falling asleep. Until my mom had to wake me up and tell me that we were going to be moving. I was so distraught and unable to orient were I was and what I was doing. So they had to move me to the PICU because the nurse I had was also in charge of about 2 or 3 other kids and the other kids weren’t getting enough attention and I was having too many problems. By the way, they decided that we had to move at about 1:30 in the freaking morning, just as I was about to sleep.

So when I got there, I met my new nurse and she had written on the white board that this was “The Princess Suite”… yeah…. :) So basically the issue at hand was that my calcium levels were way too low (they should be from 8.5 to 10.5 and mine were at about 7.3. Not good. So in a nutshell, I ended up having to stay at the hospital for a total of 5 days and 4 nights until my calcium levels could start to level out themselves without and IV. (Since that was the big deal on whether or not I could go home). I believe that the evil lab ladies, who would come and wake me up at about 4 in the morning stabbed me about 9 times or so and then some. But they eventually were able to get my calcium levels to a point where they were slowly getting more stable with just pills and about 16 tums a day. Yeah, by the way, the tums container says that you shouldn’t take the max (which is like 15 tums) a day for more than a week. I’m pretty sure I had 16 a day for like 3 weeks.

So I eventually got to go home. :) I had Swedish George and Brunswick (this huge hamster, bear, creature thing) and a fresh Jamba Juice and painfully endured the long drive home. I was so weak and tired, it was insane. I spent the next 10 days anticipating school and tennis which would be starting the full week after I got back. School work freaking sucked. I never know that it was possible to have that much work in such little time. And everyone else actually had the lectures and the teachers to help. I just had me. It took me a while to get caught up and stuff. But I surprisingly did.

Oh, but don’t get too excited. This is only the beginning.