Life Sucks. Here’s why.

Okay, I know it’s not exactly the world’s most grab you in and read me know title, but hey, it’s the truth.

Firt off, I’ll start with me and my big problems.

First off, I got the unlucky card of  papillary thyroid cancer. (Don’t worry I’m fine now) It wasn’t one of those “you have a blank amount of time to live” canacers. It was we need you to get surgery as soon as possible but you’ll be fine and once this process is over it’ll be no big deal. Pfff. Yeah right. No big deal? For goodness sake! They want to freaking cut me open! If they were going to cut me open I was going to interrogate every single one of them into why they wanted to be what they are and how did they get there ( I want to be a surgeon too, just to let you all know). Muhahaha, I love putting doctors on the spot with questions like that because you get a very good understanding of who they are and if they love their job (which from my results they all did, which is a good sign).

Okay, the day was coming closer and my doctors did the “we need labs from you” idea. So I got my blood drawn, an ultrasound, and an icky needle biopsy. ICK. What sucks about the needle biopsy is that you are awake, but you actually see the doctor shoving this rediculously large needle into your neck as you are laying there helpless. And trust me, it was the weirdest sensation I’ve ever personally experianced. Because all you want to do is squirm or run away but I had to keep on telling myself that it would all be over soon and that then I would never have to experiance this ever again. Ever. Hopefully….

Then I met with the surgeon. I was so nervous to the point of smiling and laughing. Which now I realize that’s what I do when I’m nervous. I seem excited which in actuality isn’t a very good thing to do in nerve-wraking situations. Anyway, the surgeon had us sit down with this one lady who had a calendar of what avaliable days were in the surgeon’s schedule. I originally told my mom that if it was possible, then I would like to be able to have my surgery on a Tuesday, so that I could say goodbye to my friends on that Monday. :) Hehe, life’s priorities…. And guess what! He only did surgery on Mondays and Tuesdays! Yesss!!! Then my next major concern was, I can’t have this happen during finals week. Missing fianls would be the worst thing to possibly happen in the history of history. When you have hard classes like I do, trust me all I want to do is get the finals over with.

We ended up scheduling the surgery for Tuesday February 5, 2008. It seemed so far away (since when we scheduled it, it was like weeks in advanced (it might have been 3 or 4 weeks). but slowly and surely the day came upon me. Not excited. We scheduled my surgery for I believe it was 10:00 AM. It didn’t actually start until like 1:00 PM. But hey, the guy is a head/neck surgeon. I think he should take as much time as he needs…. :) My surgery ended up taking about 4 hours or so (give or take).

Okay, so we (my dad, mom, and sister) are waiting in the pre-op where the patients are laying in the beds and you meet the some nurses, the anesthieologist, and the surgeon’s assistant (or resident). I remember waiting there for quite awhile. I, of course, had the bed that was right next to the automatic door which gave a big whooosh of air whenever it was opened. My dad said that the hospital should owe us 100 dollars for everytime it opened. I believe that he stopped counting at about 21 or maybe 25. When the anesthieologist came by, we let his know that I was extremely nervous and anxious and we wanted to know if there was anything that he could do for us so that I could relax and be less aware of what was going on. He said sure, and gave me relaxy medicine through the IV. Ahhh, kinda relaxation… not really. When this happened I could start to tell that I was getting really nervous. I couldn’t stop smiling or laughing. Everything was funny. Don’t ask me why. Soon, but I can’t really remember how soon, I was forced to leave my parents and go to the OR. I remember saying my goodbye and love yous and being wheeled away. It was just nerve-wraking and I think I had a little but of motion sickness (but I didn’t throw up or anything). It seemed like it took forever to be rolled to the OR. Then when I got inside the OR, it was a green-blue color and very clean. I remember looking around and seeing all of the people that I saw in the pre-op area and I think the resident (surgical assistant guy) asked me if I was ready for the surgery. I think I said that I was. They had the rolling bed lined up to the surgical table and I had to move myself onto it. I felt pretty stupid having to move myself but whatever. So I laid down and I remember seeing the anesthieologist (sorry I keep on butchering this word) and him putting these electrodes on me and saying stuff, of which I can’t remember. I don’t even remember closing my eyes or saying anything else.

The next thing that I do remember is waking up in the recovery room. It was the weirdest sensation. I couldn’t seen anything very well, I didn’t have my glasses on. Actually I couln’t really hear, taste, smell, or feel (like I couldn’t move). But what I do remember is that I had this sensation like I wanted to burp or something. So I thought I was burping but then I could hear this faint rush of people towards me and then sense of panic and I felt the nurses turn me on my side. And I don’t think I was burping. I think I was actualy throwing up. It was liquidy but the feeeling of throwing up wasn’t really there since I could taste anything (thank god and praise the lord because that would have sucked). Then one of the nurses asked me if I still needed to throw up and I said no.

Shortly after this episode, I was wheeled to my room. On the freaking pediatric floor. Thank goodness that I was only sharing a room with an empty crib. So it ended up being just me. YAY. I really didn’t want to share a room with someone else. Within a few minutes of actually getting to my room my family came in. I was so tired that I really just wanted to lay there. I just didn’t want to do anything. And then my good friends Mary and Andrea came in about 10 minutes after my family. I tried so hard to focus on what Mary and Andrea were saying but all I wanted to do was to sleep. I think that the funniest thing that I said to MAry was the she broke her wrist in spanish. “Mary tu rompe la muneca?”She laughed and chuckled. :) I guess it was about 6 PM when I had finally gotten to my room and they had to leave a short while later. And then my sister had to leave to go to work. My mom and dad wanted to keep on talking to me because they missed me but I just didn’t want to do anything.

That night however, I swear, I’ve never had to go to the bathroom that much in my life. I was like every two hours, oh, nurse I have to go to the bathroom again. It was mainly because I went through a whole IV bag in only a few short hours. :) Let’s just say, that first night was very uncomfortable. All I wanted to do was to get in a comfortable position and sleep. Sleep sleep sleep. But nooo. The nurse would come in every 2 hours to check up on me, help me to the bathroom and give me pain medicine. :) So I would get really really comfortable and fall asleep and I would either wake up in an hour because that half of my body was numb or because food was there (they said that I could eat technically anything, but I was sure that it was cold liquids (you know, fruit smoothie slushy things, pudding <3, ice cream). And it felt great when I had the five start treatment of someone always there to help shove a pillow under my back. :) And my parents got me the CUTEST stuffed animal. It was a Curious George with a yellow shirt and red lettering. Can you say AWWWWWWW??? So basically it never left my sight.

That night I found it very hard to sleep in addition to the nurse, the pain, and my mom’s snoring, outside the window where these three flashing lights. I thought it was a plane landing sight (hint all of the medicine I was on) but it ended up being a crane.

The next day at a bright and early 6:30 in the morning, the doctors came in and checked me out. They wanted to know if I was good (which I was) and would see me later. I was like, okay. Then at 7:30, my amazing night nurse introduced my mom and I to the day nurse. She wasn’t very good. She wasn’t very talkative at all. It was like she wanted to be doing something else. Mainly I think my goal for that day was to eat more solid food. Well my pain slowly started to kick in. I was like, okay, my neck kinda hurts. It’s like a 5 or 6 (in my scale that was like hey, it’s really uncomfortable). She told me that they could get me some warm blankets and ice chips and see how I was doing a little later. Hmmm. I knew that the pain wasn’t going to just go away magically. And guess who was right. Me. I tried to take a nap and have the pain go away but when I woke up it was even worse. I told my mom who was right there that my neck was hurting very badly. She wanted to know what number and I told her it was like an 8 or 9. We tried calling the nurse but the call button wasn’t working, at all. So my mom left the room and tried to look for the nurse. It took the stupid nurse forever to get there. At that point it had hurt so bad that I literally had tear coming from my eyes and she still seemed like I didn’t really need it. I was like are you freaking crazy? I told her it was like a 9. And she reluctantly gave me the medicine. And thank goodness that the time came (a few hours later) that the nurses switched.

My friends Mary and Andrea came back that afternoon and saw me. I was actually very excited. Since, I could actually talk and be more aware. :) I think we (Mary, Andrea, my parents and I) talked about almost everything. Then they eventually had to leave. :( A few hours after they left, I started to get this weird tingling feeling in my legs. It felt like when you sit on your legs and they fall asleep and they are all tingly. I remember that the doctrs had been asking me if I had been having any tingles in my legs, feet, arms, fingers, or face. It had been no, not really. Until then. The nurse came in in a panic and I was very confused, but it kept on happening. At first it was just tingles, and then it went to a few cramps. Which is bad. When it seemed like they were unhooking me with things, then they would have to hook me back up. Things started to calm down as I was just falling asleep. Until my mom had to wake me up and tell me that we were going to be moving. I was so distraught and unable to orient were I was and what I was doing. So they had to move me to the PICU because the nurse I had was also in charge of about 2 or 3 other kids and the other kids weren’t getting enough attention and I was having too many problems. By the way, they decided that we had to move at about 1:30 in the freaking morning, just as I was about to sleep.

So when I got there, I met my new nurse and she had written on the white board that this was “The Princess Suite”… yeah…. :) So basically the issue at hand was that my calcium levels were way too low (they should be from 8.5 to 10.5 and mine were at about 7.3. Not good. So in a nutshell, I ended up having to stay at the hospital for a total of 5 days and 4 nights until my calcium levels could start to level out themselves without and IV. (Since that was the big deal on whether or not I could go home). I believe that the evil lab ladies, who would come and wake me up at about 4 in the morning stabbed me about 9 times or so and then some. But they eventually were able to get my calcium levels to a point where they were slowly getting more stable with just pills and about 16 tums a day. Yeah, by the way, the tums container says that you shouldn’t take the max (which is like 15 tums) a day for more than a week. I’m pretty sure I had 16 a day for like 3 weeks.

So I eventually got to go home. :) I had Swedish George and Brunswick (this huge hamster, bear, creature thing) and a fresh Jamba Juice and painfully endured the long drive home. I was so weak and tired, it was insane. I spent the next 10 days anticipating school and tennis which would be starting the full week after I got back. School work freaking sucked. I never know that it was possible to have that much work in such little time. And everyone else actually had the lectures and the teachers to help. I just had me. It took me a while to get caught up and stuff. But I surprisingly did.

Oh, but don’t get too excited. This is only the beginning.


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