Aww, the sweet smell of a knitting update!

This is actually very exciting since I finally found batteries for my digital camera to take pictures of my knitting with. (FYI: this is a BIG update with TONS of pictures :) )

1. Aww, alas the infamous navy blue cardigan which I had told you all that I finished *cough cough… Well, let’s just say I finished actually knitting it. :)


Hehe, I think I might have forgotten that I actually still had to finish finish it. :) Like the simple things like a neck band… or a button band… or sewing in the ends… But hey, it only took me something like 3 years of off and on knitting to be able to finish actually knitting it. :)

2. Watermelon Socks. Okay, so I haven’t really had any actually knitting done to it lately, but I bought another ball of the pink that I’ve been meaning to get. That’s a step…


3. My newest project… I call him ‘Trunks’ the rediculously soon to be adorable elephant!!!


Aww my goodness, can’t you see the cuteness just oozing out of him?


This is supposedly the body.


And the cute little ears!!!


And the sides of the head.


And the trunk… :) I’m planning to make this little the cutest pair of shorts anyone has ever seen in their lives. :)

4. I also plan to make another cute little guy out of this.

020 :)

5. The dreadfully lieful 3-Hour sweater. Hey, it’s worth a try right? You never know unless you try a knitting project that everyone around you who knits says that it’s a big lie and doesn’t make logical or physical sense in time reality. :)

017 (This is about 45 minutes to an hour’s work…)

6. Aww, one of my favorite simple and fun (not necessarily short) knitting projects… the Top-Down Raglan!!! (most of my progress was made during finals week… :) )


Ahhh, I just love monotonous knitting while kids around me freak out about the biology and algebra 2 with trig finals when I’m already done with BOTH… :)

7. ICK. I pretty must almost hate this scarf. Ick ick ick ick ick. It’s made out of funfur.


One of my mom’s co-workers thought (as a beginning knitter) that she could knit stuff with fun fur because it was pretty and soft and cool. Sigh. I remember when I believed in the magical powers of funfur. Untill I made this awesomely amazing scarf out of funfur and redheart and stupidly believed it could go in the washer and dryer (it said it could, okay?) and ended up turning into an explosion of fuzz ball ugliness. All of the “eyelashes” of the funfur frizzed and stuck together. Let’s just say I’ve never worn it but at the same time I refuse to give it away… So anyway, with my mom’s co-worker, she thought she could knit with this materal and bought roughly 17 or 18 balls of freaking funfur from walmart. Yeah. Ummm… Well she got wind from my mom that I knit a lot and thought, hey I’ll bring some in for her. SIgh. So my mom gave me all of this funfur and said to me “It would sure be nice of you to knit her a scarf with some of this pretty yarn she gave you” a.k.a. knit her a scarf to say thank you. Ugg… so I started knitting it… and I’m still knitting it…

8. And one of my favorites… the Beacon Hill Shawl (yes people, I still believe that I will eventually finish it).

Here’s my progress: (I know it doesn’t look like much but I was able to knit several inches of it in the last few days)


Yep… pretty sure it’s going to be the simplest yet longest project that I will ever do next to the navy blue cardigan. But I tell myself that I will get this done by Christmas. :) (I know lies, lies, lies)

That’s basically it for today. :) I’m going to work on this beauty of a shawl/sleeve thing while I watch hours and hours of Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, and the O.C.


Happy Knitting!


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