Home Sick

Gah, I hate staying home sick on school days. It’s the first day back from spring break and I barely made it through first period. :( It’s mainly because I am increasingly becoming more and more lethargic. Want to know why? (this is heading in conclusion to this)

So basically after my surgery I was informed that in a few weeks that I would be forced to undergo a radioactive (yes, I’m going to glow) iodine treatement. Basically what that means is that I have to stop my thyroid medicine (since I don’t have one) and go on this freaking stupid diet (which you basically can’t eat anything with flavor) and then eat a pill that can kill or cause cancers to others. :) Which this medicine does is it’s basically radioactive iodine. Iodine is mainly absorbed by the thyroid and a little bit by the salivary glands. So when this iodine from the pill is absorbed, the thyroid tissues suck it up and then they get destroyed by the radioactivity at the same time. KABOOM! And they are gone. And I get to be radioactive for a few days. Exciting or what?

Anywho, the stage of this process that I’m in is the no medicine and diet starts today. They have everyone who goes through this process go on this special “Low Iodine Diet” (of evilness) which means that I have to have less than 50mcg of Iodine per day. And you know salt, right? Well a long time ago (like the 50’s I think) people weren’t getting enough iodine in their diets so they started putting iodine in salt (that’s why you can get salt, or non-iodized salt). Well let’s just say that you’re on this diet, basically you can’t have anything with salt since it’s assumed that all salt is iodized unless it says otherwise. Do you know how many freaking things have iodine or salt in them?? Everything.

For example, here’s my lunch for today:

-unsalted rice snap crackers (8 of them)

-an apple

-3/4 cup of carrots

-3 tablespoons of Adam’s peanut butter (which is the kind that levels out on the shelf and you have to keep it refridgerated or it will settle out again)

-kiwi strawberry soda with no salt. (it’s basically carbonated water and fake juice with no salt)

and that’s it. My breakfast consisted of 1 cup of OJ and 1/2 cup of plain shredded wheat (by the way, no milk. I can’t have any dairy products, eggs, fish, meat (vegetarian), deserts, or most grains… which is basically all foods).

But yep. So not only is there nothing left to get energy from, but I’m slowly starting to get extremely lethargic and right now all I want to do is sleep. Or at lay down and not move. I might try to knit later but I can’t make any promises. :(

Hope you all are having a better day than me. (BTW, this is going to last well through this week and into next week but I should be back to normal next Thursday if everything goes as planned).


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