Boooreeeedddd to death


Yet another day has gone by and I really wish I could go outside and play tennis (since it’s gorgeous) but I can’t. My stupid diet mixed in with the whole “you have no thyroid or medication” thing really sucks. I have though, been able to write about 10 pages of intense biology notes, emailed all of my teachers of my condition, slept, and feel like my arms and legs are lead weights that are going to fall off.


This staying home bussiness is nice but it sucks when all I want to do is do something but I can’t and then when I watch dvds for hours I just feel guilty and I feel like I should be at school. But I must remember my priorities ( my mom wrote it up for me):


(it says:

1. Health

2. School

3. Tennis

4. Other)

This is my diet box.


Looks exciting? It appears to look like a lot of food choices. Trust me…it’s not.

I’m going to painfully relax or maybe write this english essay that I should be writing. :) Have a good (or better than me) day.


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