Are you sure it’s April?


I know, it looks like I dug up some picture from Decemeber or even January. I wish. 3 days until my birthday and it’s snowing. What is this world coming to?


I spent a good chunk of my morning starting on the massive (actually it’s not that much) amount of homework that I should be doing when i got a little side tracked.


I started reading, I starting thinking, and I started the dreaded process of start-itis. I need to knit something new. Why can’t there be someone I know getting married? Or having a baby? God, if only someone could be having a kid, then I would have the exciting time of knitting them something rediculously cute and adorable that would just ooze cuteness.


I could knit anything but I’m afraid I’m in a slump. I know, I know. I have all of these amazing works of knitting that I should really try to finish before taking something on but it’s just, sure they are amazing, but they aren’t cute. Like the “cute as a bugs butt” type. I’m just stuck.

I’m thinking of making a kid’s sweater just for the heck of it. Because I can. :) I could technically go knit a baby item or two for people at my mom’s work since like everyone there who is married is expecting. But at the same time, I also want to personally know who they are or whatever. I’m just not quite sure right now.

I believe that it could be the boredom settling in right now. I think I’ll go knit a baby cardigan or a hat, or a set of booties or something just to ease the startitis.

Happy Knitting.


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