Just when you think things are looking up…

…they fall.

Life has a weird way of working out. I don’t really understand it. Currently I can only find myself angry at everyone. I don’t really know why but I can just feel like there is something that is bothering me but I just can’t put my finger on it.

For example, my tennis partner, Hollis, has been driving me crazy. Almost to the point of where I can’t even stand to be around her.

Life just sucks. Everything is coming this way and that all at once, and it’s just hard to understand all of the signals that people are sending me, including myself.

As another example, one of my old friends just started talking to me again on myspace. Last year, she and this other friend of mine started saying a bunch of crap about me behind my back (being stupid freshmen). She’s apologized (when she recently talked to me) and seems really friendly. I want to be able to jump right back into our seven-year friendship yet a part of me is saying “warning warning”. And with these mixed signals, I just have no idea what to do. For right now, I’m playing it Swedish (it’s very neutral there and they have good food).

Gah. (Note: I would like to apologize for the randomness of this post and the lack of any knitting talk)

I really need this week to be over. Actually, next week too. :)

That’s it for now, I will hopefully swing into the happy spirit that is called springtime and enjoy the last month and a half of the school year. :)


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