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The Weight of the World on my Shoulders

May 29, 2008

I’m not really sure what it is. I feel lost, angry and hurt. I feel as if I am frozen in time.

The issues that have been boiling up inside of me have been seeming to recently been really affecting me. I wish and hope that I would be able to find someone who would be able to understand me but yet I haven’t found that yet and it’s just frustrating that some of my supposed “friends” can’t freaking understand that I’m not that same person that I used to be and yet they think I am.

But at the same time, here is the simplistic things that help me get by:



The story behind this piece of pie is that one of my very best friends, Mary, is having her sixteenth birthday coming up and I decided that I was going to make her knitted and crocheted food (since she is an excellent cook and loves food). :) I’m excited to finish making her stuff and be able to give it to her. :)

Also, in the artistic department, I made this:


Oh yeah, slab pot power! :)

That’s about it for now. Happy Knitting!


The Best Day in the Whole Wide World

May 17, 2008

Want to know what is slightly better than knitting? (I know crazy, right?)

Getting kitties. :)















AHHHH!! They OOZE with cuteness!

Happy Knitting! (in the nice 90 degree sunshine!)

Ten on Tuesday-10 Things I’m Good At

May 13, 2008

1. I’m really good at knitting. (At least I think so)

2. Drawing my classic cartoon named “Earnie”.

3. Any type of math. It all seems so easy to me.

4. Ceramics. :)

5. Playing tennis.

6. Baking deserts of any kind. Actually cooking in general.

7. Acedemics.

8. Bowling, 201… :)

9. Wasting time with mindless things.

10. Procrastinating. Maybe not a great quality to have…


Uhh, not much of an update at all. I haven’t really been knitting much whatsoever. :)

Happy Knitting (hopefully I will be soon).

Ten on Tuesday

May 6, 2008

The topic this week: 10 places that I’d love to travel to but haven’t gone to yet

My ten are:

1. Stockholm, Sweden. It’s my “homeland”. :)

2. Oswego, NY. Umm, can you say 120 inches of snow a year?

3. New York, NY. I’ve always wanted to live on the east coast.

4. Paris, France. Love the language and the style.

5. London, England. :) Always wanted to see London.

6. Rhode Island. Oh yeah, the smallest state, the most snow.

7. Boston, Mass. Again, I’m a snow and season’s lover.

8. Africa. It would just be amazing.

9. Michigan. It’s where my mom grew up and it would be cool to go back there.

10. Pennsilvania. Meh, it’s on the east coast, it has snow, it has really cool history.

Otherwise, not much knitting (no time). But I did visit the great land of Canada over the weekend. I’ll talk more about it tomorrow. :)

Happy Knitting!