Ten on Tuesday

The topic this week: 10 places that I’d love to travel to but haven’t gone to yet

My ten are:

1. Stockholm, Sweden. It’s my “homeland”. :)

2. Oswego, NY. Umm, can you say 120 inches of snow a year?

3. New York, NY. I’ve always wanted to live on the east coast.

4. Paris, France. Love the language and the style.

5. London, England. :) Always wanted to see London.

6. Rhode Island. Oh yeah, the smallest state, the most snow.

7. Boston, Mass. Again, I’m a snow and season’s lover.

8. Africa. It would just be amazing.

9. Michigan. It’s where my mom grew up and it would be cool to go back there.

10. Pennsilvania. Meh, it’s on the east coast, it has snow, it has really cool history.

Otherwise, not much knitting (no time). But I did visit the great land of Canada over the weekend. I’ll talk more about it tomorrow. :)

Happy Knitting!


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