Happy freaking pathetic anniversary.

It’s been one year since I’ve become vegetarian. I’m glad that I was able to push through all of the doubts and “yeah rights” that my parents and my sister instilled in me. When I told my sister that I was going to be vegetarian. She told me “I give you a week.”F that.

A year ago crap started to happen within my family. Fing crap that is unimaginable. For the last couple of weeks I thought my life was going on a high, going up versus down into the ditch hole. I guess not. It’s hard when my sister can’t find time to talk only when she does squeeze the few minutes a week she asks me if I should even be working at our church. And my mom can’t even find time away from stressful job that she hates to be a part of my life. And my dad is basically clueless in anything that goes on.

I’m glad, just so freaking glad, that no one, not my friends nor my family, even remembered. Whoopeedeedoo.

(Knitting soon)


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